And the No. 1 seeds are ...

And the No. 1 seeds are ...

Seeding is believing

Each week until Selection Sunday, college basketball writer Marcus Jackson will give us his top four seeds for each region. Here’s the latest look.

1. Syracuse
2. Villanova
3. Kentucky
— The young Cats have hung steady despite a tough schedule and might cruise until their Feb. 1 game at Missouri.
4. Louisville

1. Michigan State
2. Iowa State
— Fred Hoiberg’s team has already knocked off Michigan and Iowa at home and gets another shot at a marquee win with Baylor tonight.
3. Wichita State
4. Oregon

1. Wisconsin
2. Ohio State
— We will find out a lot more about the Buckeyes tonight when they travel to Michigan State, their first against a team currently ranked.
3. Florida
4. Oklahoma State

1. Arizona
2. Baylor
3. Colorado
— The only losses for the Buffs came at the hands of Oklahoma State and Baylor, while the boast impressive wins against Kansas and Oregon.
4. San Diego State