UI grade vs. Northwestern: F

UI grade vs. Northwestern: F

Player of the game: Northwestern's Tre Demps
Backup guard from San Antonio lived up to his first name, hitting three big three-pointers after the Illini had tied the game with seven minutes left. To quote Dave Loane “Trey-mendous.”

Illinois D, Northwestern B

Rayvonte Rice and Joseph Bertrand went a combined 4 of 21 from the field. That won’t get it done. Drew Crawford was clutch at the line and had eight boards.

Illinois D+, Northwestern C-

Jon Ekey’s shot was off. Way off. But he combined with Nnanna Egwu for 16 rebounds.  Sophomore center Alex Olah gave the Cats a spark with nine points and seven boards. He’s probably smart, too.

Illinois D+, Northwestern C-

Kendrick Nunn hit a couple of shots and Maverick Morgan had a bucket, but that was it. Demps was the only one to score off the Wildcats bench. Chris Collins should have considered putting himself in.

Illinois F, Northwestern B-

You can’t lose to the Wildcats. Not if you want to stay ranked. Not if you want to make it easy on the tournament selection committee. They don’t play again this season, which might be a good thing for the Illini.

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illini7074 wrote on January 12, 2014 at 10:01 pm

That was an embarrassment! What were these guys doing all weekend? Must not have had anything to do with basketball. That was a must win on the road. As poor a performance as I have witnessed in some time. 

billdave wrote on January 12, 2014 at 10:01 pm

If the Ilini players get an F, what should the coaches get. Have to be F-.  Poorest game plan ever. 

jturner wrote on January 12, 2014 at 11:01 pm

Agree.  This is the official end of the honeymoon.  Losses to upper tier teams, understandable. A loss to a really, really bad team when it's clearly an important bounce-back game: unacceptable.  It's not like NU hit some amazing or even very good percentages or threes.  They played some pretty bad basketball, but it was still enough to beat us. Where's the passion, where's the intensity, where's the sense of urgency? Should have been there from the opening tip, not just in the last 3 minutes. All the critics in the Chicago media now have more ammo regarding the pretenders down in the cornfields.