Darius Paul suspension: What it means

Darius Paul suspension: What it means

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In his statement, Illinois coach John Groce mentioned there were “multiple transgressions” in the last year besides the one that led to Darius Paul’s arrest April 22 that resulted in Paul’s suspension for the 2014-15 season.

While we’re not privy to what those transgressions might have been, it appears they were serious enough or caused enough concern for Paul to warrant Groce making the decision to keep him away from the game and force him to take care of his business off the court.

Someone close to the situation and close to Paul told me, “It will be good for him in the long run.”

From a basketball perspective, this is a significant loss for the Illini. The 6-foot-9 Paul figured to be the team’s most talented offensive post player and would have provided much-needed depth down low. It opens up opportunities for Maverick Morgan, Austin Colbert, Leron Black and Michael Finke to earn significant playing time in 2014-15.

Marcus Jackson