Gill: Bulls can win it all

Gill: Bulls can win it all

Kendall Gill grew up in the Chicago area and spent a season late in his career playing for the Bulls, so he pays close attention to Chicago’s NBA franchise.

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Last year’s first-round pick, Tony Snell, has been impressive this summer, averaging 25 points. This year’s top pick, Doug McDermott, scored 31 in a game over the weekend.

And the additions of Spanish star Nikola Mirotic and free agent Pau Gasol have been big-time moves, but the health of Rose, the former league MVP, is the key to making a championship run.

“Derrick Rose has to come back and be Derrick Rose,” Gill said at Monday's annual golf outing in Savoy. “If he does, the Bulls are an immediate contender. If he doesn’t, they’ll still be good, but I don’t know whether they’ll be a contender in the East.”