Best Of Bob

Best Of Bob

Lucky it wasn't a submarine

During Saturday's Central Florida-Navy game, Knights running back Adrian Killins Jr. was tackled into Navy's goat mascot. The goat briefly stepped on Killins' leg. Bill was just trying to help his defense. Killins ran for 122 yards, including a 79-yard TD. Both animal and player were unharmed.

Forget the White House trip

Not to get all political right out of the box, but did you see the comments made about Donald Trump by Spurs coach Gregg Popovich? In an incredible interview with The Nation, Pop said, "This man in the Oval Office is a soulless coward." But what does he really think?

We're No. 11

That must have been what Tennessee's Rashaan Gaulden was saying when he double flipped-off the Alabama crowd on Saturday. Bud, everybody has a camera. Two things make it worse: the Vols were losing by 21 and Gaulden wasn't even the one who scored the touchdown.

Love is in the air

The Stanford band members aren't the only clever ones on the Palo Alto campus. This week, the school launched #HeismanLove, dedicated to the Heisman candidacy of star running back Bryce Love. It will help. But what really has this Heisman voter's attention is his 10 yards per carry average.

Why not 26?

The Big Ten announced plans this week to expand the conference basketball season to 20 games starting in 2018-19. Smart. But why stop there? Wouldn't a full round-robin work great. The Big Ten made this 14-school bed, so it's got to sleep in it.