Loren Tate: Give Mark Smith time

Loren Tate: Give Mark Smith time

Loren Tate has seen it happen many times over in his 51 years on the Illini basketball beat: Freshmen need time to find their comfort level.

So don't panic because Mark Smith has hit a wall.

"Malcolm Hill averaged 4.4 (points) as a freshman," Tate says. "Kendall Gill averaged three points as a freshman, Luther Head was 4.5 as a freshman, Roger Powell 2.9 as a freshman ... freshmen always have these problems. It's nerves, it's the crowd, it's the speed-up of the game, it's opposing defenses: all these things are being thown at them."

Smith's situation is one of 10 Illini basketball topics touched on by Tate in his weekly podcast.



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Moonpie wrote on December 07, 2017 at 7:12 am

There's that famous Prehistoric Tate condescension toward fans that the Lazy Gazoo is known for! Fans aren't in a panic over Smith. That's just Tate lashing out at the great unwashed and providing yet another alibi for the Fighting Creampuffs.