Illini real crowd pleasers in soccer

CHAMPAIGN – If Saturday's a sign of things to come for Illinois women's soccer, Jillian Ellis may have an even bigger worry than her team's lack of experience.

Her stadium's lack of bleachers.

Soccer out of the shadows

CHAMPAIGN – Contrary to popular belief, women's soccer has been alive and kicking at the University of Illinois for years.

It's just that no one noticed until now.

Sat, May 10: Lantz''s chance at UI made real

The schools kept making offers to Laura Lantz. Colorado, West Virginia, the Naval Academy all sought the Buffalo Grove defender for their soccer teams.

But Lantz wanted the impossible: An offer from the University of Illinois, a school that didn't have a soccer team.

UI picks coach for new women''s soccer team

   CHAMPAIGN  Growing up in soccer-crazy England had little to do with Jillian Ellis'' development into an All-American player.

   It took a move to the United States at age 15 to bring out those dormant soccer skills.

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