NCAA tennis: Sara Seed's Court report

NCAA tennis: Sara Seed's Court report

Dear Dad and Mom,

I’m having a blast being a ball runner at the 2013 NCAA Tennis Championships!

The players are nice and really tall and fast. They’re kind of smelly because it’s so hot but that’s OK because they smell just like you do sometimes, Dad, so I’m used to it.

I like it when they thank me for throwing back their favorite ball. There’s a rule where high school kids can’t be ball runners, so I’m not scared anymore.

I’ve even made new friends. My first new friend is Elizabeth Tindera, and she’s 9. I think she’s the youngest one here, but she is fast and can throw the ball hard. Her gym teacher must have taught her to throw and run so well. She’s from Terre Haute, Ind., but goes to school at St. Paul Elementary School in Danville. She takes lessons at Atkins Tennis Center with this teacher named Christine and says she’s lots of fun. I think that’s really cool and would like to take lessons, too, and am going to ask for that for my birthday!

I also met Morgan Cinnamon. She’s from Champaign and is 12, almost 13, and has two brothers. When am I getting a little brother? I’ve been asking for a year. Anyway, she’s been a ball runner before and said she likes watching the players hit the ball hard and learning from them. Morgan goes to St. Matthew Elementary School. I wonder if St. Paul is related to St. Matthew?

I also met this boy named John Rogers from Champaign, and he’s 10. He’s nice for a boy. It’s his first time, too. He goes to Countryside School, but it’s not in the country. Weird, right? He’s all excited because he wants to grow up and play just like the college boys some day. His favorite team is Stanford because his dad’s friend went there. He’s right-handed and plays in 12-and-under tournaments so he must be pretty good.

I also met two other girls named Amanda Werth and Delaney Tressler. They have blond hair just like yours is, Mom, after you’ve been to the hair salon. You know, where you say this lady puts magic color on your head that takes away the gray?

The best part, so far, besides the free food and drinks after the matches is this lady interviewed us and is putting our picture in the paper! It’s called The News-Gazette, so go buy 20 tomorrow. The others are telling their parents to do the same! She asked us a bunch of questions, and I answered every one and looked her in the eye when I spoke to her just like you taught me. It was just like the pros after a match. So exciting! I even said thank you when she finished. She told Morgan she was her mom and dad’s teacher in high school, and that her dad is a really good doctor. I loved her Nike shoes and told her so. Could I get a pair just like hers so I can wear them in case I get tennis lessons?

Well, that’s all for now. I’m not homesick, and I’m brushing my teeth at night.


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big10bum wrote on May 21, 2013 at 6:05 am

Reading this report was similair to watching a tv show with bad acting & little to no comedy? I am unable to attend the tennis championships due to my work schedule, and after reading this I know nothing more about  what happened yesterday? I am thrilled that 10 & 12 year olds are having a good time chasing tennis balls, but I would like to hear more about what the players are doing on the court? 

sinfonian11 wrote on May 21, 2013 at 12:05 pm

Then read this:

Just a bit further down on the front page.

jturner wrote on May 21, 2013 at 2:05 pm

Actually I liked this article a lot.  Gives a different view of the activities.  There is all kind of match data and statistics at tournament central. A piece like this gives you the color. Nicely written.