Track and Field

Track and Field

Sun, May 25: Nothing remains to Ponder

   CHAMPAIGN  Would someone please remind Tisha Ponder that she''s still only 19 years young?

   At her current pace, the University of Illinois freshman will run out of track and field things to do by the time she''s a junior.

Sun, May 25: UI freshman stops watching, starts working

   CHAMPAIGN  Tunde Ridley wasn''t so wide-eyed this time.

   When the University of Illinois freshman competed in his first Big Ten Conference track and field championship meet in February, "I wanted to see everything more than like compete."

   Instead of viewing the passing spectacle Saturday, Ridley threw himself headlong into it.

Sun, May 25: Winfield picks up Illini after Pearman fall

   CHAMPAIGN  That the University of Illinois men''s track team picked up points in the steeplechase Saturday came as little surprise.

   That those points were produced by Rob Winfield, though, was as startling as the sudden tumble teammate Barry Pearman took during the race.

Fri, May 23: Campus ready for Big Ten meet

   CHAMPAIGN  A fresh coat of paint''s been slapped on the track, the new wooden scoreboard''s up and running and, this is key here, the extra Port-o-Potties have arrived.

   The baseball stadium''s been turned into a campground, with a tent for the athletes, a tent for the medical people, even a tent for the media types covering this weekend''s Big Ten Outdoor Track and Field Championships.

Sat, May 24: Fourth pains UI''s Zieren

   CHAMPAIGN  The difference was merely one spot. Third place last year. Fourth on Friday.

   To Jason Zieren, though, that modest drop in the standings felt like a plummet.

Sat, May 24: Old rival stops Deuringer again

   CHAMPAIGN  For Stephanie Dueringer, this was as close to a home track advantage as a visiting runner could have.

   The Michigan State senior was back in her hometown Friday. Back in front of family and friends. Back to hear the cheers.

Sat, May 24: Rossow: Lean Green on 24-hour call

   Dorian Green won''t be working the concession stand at today''s Big Ten track and field meet on campus.

   Nor will he be taking tickets or passing out programs.

   And the guy singing the national anthem? Not him either.

Thurs, May 22: Pearman hopes not to make splash at Big Ten

   CHAMPAIGN  Take it from Barry Pearman: The water pit represents every steeplechaser''s worst nightmare.

Wed, May 21: UI''s Ponder a long jump from home

   CHAMPAIGN  She''s been a Midwestern girl for almost a year, but Tisha Ponder''s still got a lot to learn about the local customs.

   "It''ll be 40-something degrees outside, and she''ll be out there with a sleeveless top and Spandex shorts," Illinois track teammate Stacy Ann Grant said with a chuckle.

Sun May 18: Big Ten Outdoor Track Championships come to Champaign

Craig Virgin listened to the roar of the huge crowd, looked at the flags and banners flying above Memorial Stadium as he took one final lap around the track.

The year was 1977, and the University of Illinois was hosting the NCAA Men's Track and Field national championships. Virgin had just run his last race for the Illini.