Bollant on Summitt

Bollant on Summitt

Illinois coach Matt Bollant on Pat Summitt, who announced her retirement:

"She has just left such an incredible legacy on the game. Women's basketball would not be where it's at today without Pat Summitt. She has been the icon and done so much to grow the game and do it the right way. She's someone every coach should look up to and someone every coach should want to be like."

"When I was at Bryan (College) I went and watched her practice and they were doing workouts and the intensity level was kind of average and when she walked in the gym it absolutely changed. They were just on it and it got really intense.

"Later that summer, I saw her and I said 'Pat, congrats on making it to the Final Four.' She said, 'Matt, congrats to you, what a great year your team had.' We're a little NAIA school, we're hardly in their paper at all and she followed our team and knew all about us and I was just floored that she followed us and knew anything about us. I've seen her on the recruiting trail a few times and I sat next to her at a tournament a few years ago and it was just fun to sit and talk with her."

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PeterE wrote on April 19, 2012 at 12:04 pm

No teams will dominate like Tennessee or Connecticut did ever again in women's basketball.