Prep pulse: July 16, 2018

Prep pulse: July 16, 2018

Mistakes always happen in the world of journalism. There are many different stories and ideas writers are looking to tackle at any given time, and this allows oversights to happen more readily than any writer would be proud to admit.

That being said, I feel the need to offer an additional apology for a severe mistake that was printed in last Tuesday's News-Gazette.

I published a story about boys' basketball coach Craig Black departing from Oakwood to take the same position at Sullivan. Along with that report came a graphic about local boys' hoops leaders who had been replaced during this ongoing offseason.

Among those I listed was Villa Grove/Heritage's Corey White, based on incorrect intel from a website I frequently visit for high school sports information. I certainly should have checked in with officials from Villa Grove and Heritage on the status of their boys' basketball leadership. But, for some reason, I did not.

As such, I submitted a graphic that listed White as an outgoing area coach. Quickly, I was informed this was far from the case.

I personally called to make amends with White, and while he seemed relatively calm about the whole ordeal, I couldn't help but feel I needed to say something beyond the correction that was run in Wednesday's News-Gazette.

I'd like to again apologize to White and his family for any undue stress caused by this inaccuracy. Such a misprint could've led White to believe he was being terminated via media, which is a cruel concept to put upon any individual.

I'm glad to say White is still serving both Villa Grove and Heritage on the hardwood, and I hope he and his crew experience a strong 2018-19 season.

Speaking of that team, I'm also sorry to the players who may have thought their coach was being removed from his position without warning.

No doubt these youngsters went through summer training with White and expected to be suiting up for him later this year. It had to come as a shock when White's name appeared in my graphic, and I'm sorry that it did erroneously.

I realize what's done is done, but I still hope those from Villa Grove and Heritage associated with my mistake will read this and know I feel awful for the error.