Tuesday Time Capsule: 2008 STM girls' golf team

Tuesday Time Capsule: 2008 STM girls' golf team

Each week, preps coordinator COLIN LIKAS will recall a local high school sports anniversary worth remembering. For this edition, he caught up with recently retired St. Thomas More girls' golf coach Pat Hettermann 10 years after the Sabers earned state runner-up status in Class A, the second of three state trophies the program earned from 2007 to 2010:

What do you remember most about this group of girls?

They were very cohesive. They really built each other up, and I think that was the best strength. We had outstanding players, but the better players built up the younger players. It was just really good. It was a fun team to work with.Was there anything that separated the 2008 Sabers from your other teams?I think their commitment to work hard. They were really willing to put the time in, and they really believed they could do whatever they wanted.After finishing second at the 2007 state meet,

What were the feelings like among the girls?

There were nerves. They put such high expectations on themselves, nerves were a factor.What was your advice after that first round at state when your team found itself in fifth place?I just told them to go out and shoot the lights out because they had nothing to lose. They went out and had fun, and that's what matters.

Was there any point that Saturday during the final round when you felt "St. Thomas More" would be at the top of the leaderboard by day's end at the state tournament?

Yeah, I really did. Almost all day long, I thought we could pull it off. I don't watch the scoreboard when I'm out there.

How did the girls react to finishing second, 10 strokes behind Effingham St. Anthony

?They were happy and disappointed at the same time. I told them I was proud of them. I thought they did a great job.