2018 N-G girls' swimming and diving Coach of the Year: Centennial's Courtney Lehmann

2018 N-G girls' swimming and diving Coach of the Year: Centennial's Courtney Lehmann

Coach of the Year: Centennial's Courtney Lehmann

Why she's Coach of the Year: The back-to-back recipient — three times in a row if you count the 2017-18 boys' season — guided the Chargers to their second consecutive sectional championship while sending five individuals and a relay unit to state.

Season highlights: "Again, the big one, winning sectionals. That was probably the biggest for the entire season. The team was small, and we had the entire team go to sectionals. We sent a number of girls to state this year. Megan Bernacchi went for the first time in an individual event, and Hannah Hong went for the first time in diving. And Pranali Vani was on the relay, so this was the first time she got to swim the meet."

A few of my favorites: I need tickets to see Cardi B. ... One movie I could watch over and over is "Elf." ... If I could choose one superpower, it would be to fly. ... The social media platform I use most is Instagram. ... My biggest pet peeve is wet hair in bathrooms, like if it's on the wall. ... My favorite swim-related memory at Central, when I was in high school, I broke my wrist my junior year of high school. Then next year I came back and ended up being on the relay for state. ... My most embarrassing swim-related memory was in college, at a training trip in Florida. It was really early in the morning, and we were changing. I didn't realize I still had my underwear on, and I put my suit on over my underwear and walked out on deck and didn't realize it. Then somebody pointed it out. ... Before a meet, I pull everyone together, huddle up and give them words of encouragement and positive things just so their energy is up and they're upbeat for the entire meet. So I kind of set the tone for the entire meet. ... After a meet, I bring everyone together, whether we lost or whether we won, it's always, "Great job." Just always end on a positive note. ... In five years, I see myself starting a family with my husband and hoping to get a dog, specifically a golden retriever.

What I enjoy most about coaching: "Every time these girls are at practice, they're working their hearts out and they're working so hard, and it's so enjoyable that when the meet does come ... and they drop a certain amount of time, the smile on their faces that I see, it makes me feel good and it lets me know that I did something right as a coach. They're happy, I'm happy. It's just all over a great feeling."

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