2018 N-G football Coach of the Year: Monticello's Cully Welter

2018 N-G football Coach of the Year: Monticello's Cully Welter

Coach of the Year: Monticello's Cully Welter

Why he's Coach of the Year: Welter's fourth state championship as a head coach was the Sages' first, helping Monticello to a perfect 14-0 record that included a 24-20 triumph over Byron at Memorial Stadium.

Season highlights: "Hog Fest would be one. Some of the games we do — we taught the kids how to tie ties this year. Risley's obstacle course is always one of my favorite days. Just time getting spent with the kids in general."

A few of my favorites: My favorite food is Arby's. ... My first car was a Dodge Omni, which is probably nicer than my current vehicle which is a GMC Acadia with 270,000 miles and duct tape all over from carrying (pole vault) poles all over the state. ... My favorite non-sports hobby is playing no-limit Hold'em. ... My favorite sporting event I've attended live is Wimbledon in college. ... My dream vacation destination is Middle Earth. ... My favorite professional sports teams are the Chicago Cubs and whoever Tony Dungy coached. ... My favorite musical genre is old-school R&B.

What I enjoy most about coaching: "I do believe football and sports in general can be an avenue for growth in young people. That being said, I cringe when I hear coaches casually proclaim that sports teaches life lessons because, too many times, we think saying it automatically makes it true and, if action does not follow the declaration, then the sport itself is rendered useless in relation to that goal. If our players perceive our primary objective to be to win a state championship, then we have collectively failed in our responsibility. The drive to be successful should always be a desire, and coaches should do everything within our means to facilitate that possibility as no endeavor is truly worthwhile if it does not require some blood, sweat and tears or a reasonable investment towards the cause. However, if accumulating rings is the source of our validation in this profession, then we probably missed opportunities to use athletics the way we claim makes it so important and necessary in the lives of our kids."

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