2019 N-G All-Area girls' soccer Coach of the Year: Mahomet-Seymour's Kelsie Briggs

2019 N-G All-Area girls' soccer Coach of the Year: Mahomet-Seymour's Kelsie Briggs

Coach of the Year | Mahomet-Seymour's Kelsie Briggs

Why she's Coach of the Year: Briggs' first campaign in charge of her alma mater included plenty of high points, as the Bulldogs rolled to their fourth consecutive regional crown, posted a 24-2 record and produced our All-Area Player of the Year in senior Maddy Wade.

Season highlights: "The girls winning a fourth straight regional championship was a big highlight. Breaking the school record for most wins, that was another highlight. ... And just getting to coach at my old school was a highlight. That was really fun for me, to be able to coach where I played. It was a good feeling to be able to build off of what Coach (Joey) Gruner had worked so hard to build."

A few of my favorites: A concert/sporting event I need tickets to see is Britney Spears and anything Chicago — Bears, Cubs, Blackhawks. ... If I wasn't a coach, I would own my own salon. I always knew since high school that I wanted to own my own salon, and I always said if I didn't own my own salon I would want to be a soccer coach. So here I am getting to do both. ... My favorite go-to motivational tactic is finding motivation in the fact that moments pass quickly. I always tell the girls, "I wish this was still me." It goes by so fast. ... My favorite subject to study in school was all my classes as long as my friends were there. I was not an above-and-beyond academic. I was smart — I made all As and Bs — but I was more of the social aspect of school. ... My favorite athlete is Michael Jordan. ... My favorite TV show is "Grey's Anatomy." ... If I could have dinner with any three people from any time period, I would pick my Mamaw, Mickey Mouse and Belle.

What I enjoy most about coaching: "Getting to be a part of the game. I look back at my high school career, and the different coaches that I had throughout the different sports that I played, and not only did they coach me, but they helped shape me into a harder worker and just the person I am today. To be able to have an impact on some young women's lives and just to enjoy the game, that's what I do it for."

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