In his words

In his words

We asked Fisher’s Josh Wallick what high school sports meant to him:

High school athletics helped mold me as an individual. Creating a personal identity for yourself in high school is important because it changes how you interact with others in high school.

Now I idolized an athlete as someone who always tried their hardest from morning to night in the classrooms and on the field, whatever field it may be. I tried to be as much like an athlete in high school as possible.

It was fun to go with friends and compete in competitions, but that isn’t what shapes an individual’s personality. The training before a competition exemplifies what could happen in a competition. That hard work in the training process can help prepare an individual for struggles in their future.

High school is a lot about preparing us for our future and athletics is just one route to create students with ambitions for their futures. High school sports has helped me to create a drive, even when I have had a lot on my plate.

I had a lot of success in my career in high school. I had great coaches and great teams, but I felt like I pushed past what was required of me. Pretty much every night after wrestling or another sport I went to the gym. In the morning I went to open gym at the high school or did Crossfit in Gibson City. I didn’t like to lose or come up short so I trained extra so I could come out on top.

I like sports for many different reasons. Some of the small moments in high school where you had a small victory can sometimes be the most memorable. One of the greatest moments of my wrestling career wasn’t when I won state for the first or second time. It was my sophomore year where I had to face someone a foot taller than me, two years older than me, and who had pinned me twice in around a minute.

I faced Keppy for third at state and pinned him in the third period. It was honestly a match as to who wanted to win more and through my conditioning I had done though the year, I won out. This was the turning point for me in my wrestling career where I realized I could win against anyone I wanted to as long as I had enough drive to complete what I started.

In high school I played football, wrestled, and competed in track and field for four years each. I felt each sport helped me grow as an athlete and shaped my personality in different ways.

In football, I was helped to strive to always work for the last second and to make every second count on the field. This unquenchable fight to work hard on both sides of the line helped me to make every second count in wrestling.

In wrestling I learned to create an intensely hard work ethic. This hard work ethic kept me to work hard after practice in the gym to make me stronger in football and train longer in track and field, Throwing shot and discus helped me to always look for the best way to make a movement, which helped my form in football and wrestling.

I felt like the community of Fisher greatly helped athletes compete as hard as the could in every season. All of my coaches made an impact on me,  whether young or older, and helped me push myself. My mother made the greatest impact me of all. She always helped me to perform at the top level that I could.

Fisher's Josh Wallick

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Past Area senior Male Athletes of the Year:
YEAR  NAME                       SCHOOL

2014    Josh Wallick              Fisher
2013    Cameron Mammen   Urbana
2012    Steve Schroeder       Monticello
2011    Pat Yoakum              Tuscola
2010    Cale Huisinga           Monticello
2009    Andrew Brewer        Mahomet-Seymour
2008    Lukas Graves          St. Joseph-Ogden
2007    Jason Seaman         Mahomet-Seymour
2006    Jordan Kling             Tuscola
2005    Alex Deer                 Fisher
2004    Dylan Ward              Prairie Central
2003    Jeremy Kruidenier   Champaign Central