Male Athlete of the Year: Tuscola's Dalton Hoel

Male Athlete of the Year: Tuscola's Dalton Hoel

This year, we asked our athletes of the year to submit photos from their early childhood through high school years that sum up their sports journey and what these snapshots in time mean to them:

In Hoel's own words: "This shows where everything started. This was a Little League All-Star game (in 2011), and many of the people on the third-place team this year (at Tuscola) were also on that team. Outside of the past few summers, we played together for many years growing up and I believe that every time we played together that helped us grow as a team."

In Hoel's own words: "Basketball has never been my best sport, but I have been lucky to have great coaches growing up, and great teammates to enjoy it with. Tyler Meinhold and Noah Pierce are both in this picture on the right side. Not only have we all played baseball together growing up, but other sports as well. Coach Bozarth does an excellent job with the varsity team now, and I am really excited to see all the accomplishments he makes over the years. I really enjoy this picture because it shows that we all start somewhere. Nobody starts out and is already really good at anything. We all start somewhere, and it's all about who puts in more work."

In Hoel's own words: "I'm a firm believer that high school football teaches you things that you cannot learn anywhere else. For a school of 300 students to have 63 guys out for football really shows the commitment from not only the players, but the coaching staff as well. While we tend to put together a good team year after year, we also make sure to have an enjoyable experience that we can carry with us for the rest of our lives."



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