The rating game: Best prep teams of 2017-18 by the numbers

The rating game: Best prep teams of 2017-18 by the numbers

In 2005, we asked former News-Gazette sports writer Fred Kroner to come up with a formula to fairly evaluate all of our area schools against one another, whether they competed in five sports or 20.

Current preps coordinator Colin Likas and sports editor Matt Daniels kept the same system in place this year, eliminating conference champions as a possible factor because not all area schools belong to conferences. That leaves six categories in which points were awarded. The subsequent point total was divided by the number of sports a school offers, and that reveals an average by which schools are rated.

In 2013, The N-G tweaked the process by still recognizing 20-win teams, but giving three bonus points for any 30-win teams.

Also, schools with state medalists still receive six points, but if they've had a state champion, those schools receive three additional bonus points.

Here's how St. Joseph-Ogden continued in the top spot for the 10th time in the 14-year-old All-Sports competition, which places equal weight on boys' and girls' events. The Spartans had five 20-win teams and one 30-win team, which started the school off with 13 points. In four sports, SJ-O won a regional title. Each of those were worth two points, adding an additional eight points to the total. A sectional championship was captured in three sports, earning the Spartans 12 more points.

Finally, in each sport where the Spartans won state medals for individual or team finishes, six points were tallied per sport. The school had individual medalists or teams earn state hardware in four sports, including one state champion, so its overall total was increased by 27 points.

No "extra credit" is given for a school with multiple state placers (for example, five track medalists) instead of one in a particular sport.

Finally, SJ-O had two Area Players of the Year and two Area Coaches of the Year, adding eight points.

When all of the columns are tallied, SJ-O collected 68 points in its 13 sports, which meant an All-Sports average of 5.23, edging runner-up Tuscola at 4.17.