Athletes of the Week: Kendle Moore, Katelyn Young

Athletes of the Week: Kendle Moore, Katelyn Young

This school year, we're giving our Athletes of the Week a chance to show off their teammates.

Kendle Moore | Danville boys' basketball

Why he's Athlete of the Week: Moore keyed the Vikings to a 5-0 sweep and championship victory in the Lincoln/Eaton Round Robin last week. He posted 21 points in a triumph over Cahokia, upped his output to 22 against Lincoln and then went off for 31 in the title matchup with Mahomet-Seymour.

From Moore: "Overall, I feel like we did well each game. I just feel like the way we've been practicing, we just wanted to start the season off right. Hopefully, we can stay doing the same thing we've been doing. And if we do, we have a good chance of going all the way to Peoria this year."

I need tickets to ... a professional basketball game.

One movie I could watch over and over again is ... "Jurassic World." I just like watching the movies with action and adventure. When that movie came out, I watched it like 1,000 times.

If I could choose one superpower, it would be ... super speed. I feel like if you're super fast, you can basically do almost anything. And plus, when you're fast, your body generates fast and your cells generate faster than anybody else's. So you don't get hurt like that, either.

The social media platforms I use most are ... Twitter and Snapchat. I use them equally.

My biggest pet peeve is ... lying. When you catch somebody up in a lie and they keep lying about it, it's basically pointless for them to keep lying about it.

My best basketball memory is ... probably in middle school when we were playing our rivals, making their star point guard fall.

My most embarrassing basketball memory is ... falling in a game, but nobody crossed me over. The dude was inbounding the ball, and I was at the other three-point line, and he's inbounding the ball and the next thing you know I'm falling back.

Before a game ... I listen to rap music, preferably NBA YoungBoy.

After a game ... I grab something to eat. Usually after the game we go to Steak 'n Shake as a team.

In five years, I ... might still be in college then, I might not. If I'm still in college, I feel like I'm going to be going back to get my master's in education or communication. But if I'm out of college, I'll probably either own my own real estate business and start a family or become a teacher.

Honorable mention: Jake Bachtold, Prairie Central boys' basketball; Noah Blue, Uni High boys' basketball; Bryson Cowper, Centennial boys' basketball; Ryan Drayer, Hoopeston Area boys' basketball; Tim Finke, Champaign Central boys' basketball; Jaden Jones-Watkins, Fisher boys' basketball; Cody Miller, Bismarck-Henning/Rossville-Alvin wrestling; Cory Noe, Mahomet-Seymour boys' basketball; Nick Perry, LeRoy boys' basketball; Logan Wilson, Unity wrestling

Katelyn Young | Oakwood girls' basketball

Why she's Athlete of the Week: The super-sophomore has played a huge role in the Comets' 8-0 start, which included a championship last week in the McDonald's Oakwood Comet Classic. She contributed 14 points in the title game against Westville before erupting with 42 points in a nontournament victory over Arthur-Lovington-Atwood-Hammond on Monday.

From Young: "I really wasn't missing a shot (against ALAH), but I had my teammates behind me encouraging me. I think we'll be pretty good (the rest of the season). There's some injured people, but whenever we get them back I feel like we'll be even better.

I need tickets to see ... Russ. There's a big group of girls at our school, some of them are on our basketball team, and all of us really want to go to one of his concerts.

One movie I could watch over and over again is ... "Trolls." It's just a fun, upbeat movie. It's good to watch.

If I could choose one superpower, it would be ... to read people's minds. I feel like it would be cool to know what people are thinking.

The social media platform I use most is ... Snapchat. I feel like it's sometimes better than texting because you can see your friends at the same time as talking to them.

My biggest pet peeve is ... whenever people scratch their nails on a chalkboard.

My best basketball memory is ... from this year, it'd probably be winning our own tournament. We were all really happy, really excited, because it hasn't happened in a long time.

My most embarrassing basketball memory is ... whenever (teammate) Shaelynn Turner is going down for a layup and I pass it over her head. It happens once or twice a game.

Before a game ... I usually go to the (earlier) games, and then I'll either just listen to music or talk to friends. I can literally listen to anything.

After a game ... I usually go home and my dad will make me something to eat. Probably chicken tenders.

In five years I ... might still be in school, but I want to be a physical therapist, so owning my own business and helping people around the community.

Honorable mention: Harley Barry, Tri-County girls' basketball; Jordy Curtis, Unity girls' basketball; Madi Gayheart, Armstrong-Potomac girls' basketball; Liberty Jamison, Paxton-Buckley-Loda girls' basketball; Emily Meidel, Bismarck-Henning/Rossville-Alvin girls' basketball; Cassie Russo, Tuscola girls' basketball; Jasman Severado, Westville girls' basketball; Mya Tinsley, Ridgeview girls' basketball; Bree Trimble, St. Joseph-Ogden girls' basketball; Jayden Wilson, Champaign Central girls' basketball