Prep pulse | Help us out with another 1,000-point scorer project

Prep pulse | Help us out with another 1,000-point scorer project

I've used this space in a previous week to discuss the 1,000-point scorers feature that has evolved during the winter months.

And I'm going to do so again today — albeit for a different reason.

At The News-Gazette, we're looking to turn this feature into something more than a PDF featured on the website and the couple of print pages seen over two separate weeks.

We want this to become more of an immersive, interactive experience for both those on the list and those who just enjoy a little bit of local history.

For an idea of how we're going to go about achieving this, it's worth taking a look at the "University of Illinois | 150 Years" product presently on

Editor Jeff D'Alessio has spent countless hours compiling tidbits from a variety of famed University of Illinois graduates. That has expanded into a video product you can now see on the website.

In all, there are more than 1,100 clips from these alumni discussing what they enjoyed most about being an Illini.

That's what we're looking to do with this 1,000-point scorers feature. We want as many of the more than 700 people on our ever-growing list as possible to chime in with their thoughts about what it was like to play high school basketball at their respective schools.

The hope for this is to receive a video clip from each individual. While that may not be possible in some cases, we'll try to at least get an audio or written statement to go with a photo on our website.

And if none of that is possible, we'll turn to a player's family or former teammates/coaches for a sneak peek into what it was like working alongside an athlete at the prep level.

It's important to make people feel appreciated for their accomplishments, and with such a major one as this, why not go all out to make this as special as possible?

For those of you on this list who would like to contribute a video message, or some other form of correspondence, please get in touch with me at We'll organize a way for each of you to send in something that shows your school pride and just how much fun it was piling up all those points.

And for family and friends of those who may not be able to respond, also feel free to drop me a line so we can work out an alternative to the video route.

This will be a constantly expanding feature on the website as more and more 1,000-point scorers come to light. Hopefully, it's something appropriate for the level of achievement these folks have reached.