Athletes of the Week ... and friends

Athletes of the Week ... and friends

This school year, we're giving our weekly honorees a chance to show off their teammates, asking them to take a group picture. This week:

Jake Sellett | St. Thomas More soccer

Twitter handle: @sellae28

Why he's our Athlete of the Week: The senior recorded his 30th career shutout and added his 31st later in the week, helping STM to wins against Unity and St. Joseph-Ogden. He now has 33 in his career.

From Sellett: "It's a blessing to have the backline that I've had the past four years. It feels great every time a shutout happens. I have one of the best sweepers in the area in Nick Fruehling, so that helps a lot. We emphasize defense and it pays off in the games."

I need concert tickets to ... Bruno Mars. His songs are all consistent and just good.

One movie I could watch over and over again is ... "Moana." It's so good. It's a great feel-good movie.

If I could choose one superpower, I would choose ... to freeze time. Whenever I wake up in the morning, it's kind of tough, so a few extra hours of sleep would be great.

The social media I use the most is ... Snapchat. It's easy to socialize with my friends directly.

My biggest pet peeve is ... really loud chewing. When you're at the table and everyone else is done eating and that one person is chewing really loud on purpose, it's really annoying.

My best soccer memory is ... this summer in Burlington when we played some really big schools and played well. Afterwards, we went to an arcade with the whole team and went bowling. It was a great memory and great team bonding.

My most embarrassing soccer memory is ... my freshman year, there was a corner kick and it went right to my hands. I basically punched it into the goal for an own goal. It wasn't the best feeling.

Before a match ... I like to just sit and reflect on the past few games. It's really a lot of silence and keeping to myself.

After a match ... I just hang out with my friends and talk to them about the match, and go over tactics with my coaches. After that, I get my mind off of it and talk to my family.

In five years, I see myself ... finishing up college. Hopefully. I'm going to go into business world so maybe applying for some jobs as well. I want to do a business that has a good cause.

Honorable mention: Jalen Booker, Champaign Central football; Duncan Hathaway, Westville football; Dalton Hoel, Tuscola football; Magnus Parente, Urbana soccer; Nicolas Ramkumar, Uni High cross-country; Rhys Root, Hoopeston Area boys' soccer; Kevin Sanchez, Danville soccer; Adam Woller, Mahomet-Seymour golf; Cameron Woodard, Unity cross-country; Noah Wright, Monticello golf

River Jones | Champaign Central swimming

Twitter handle: @riverjones33

Why she's our Athlete of the Week: The junior won the 100-yard breaststroke at the Charger Invite, helping the Maroons win the 10-team meet at Unit 4 Pool. Prior to that, Jones won the 100 freestyle and 100 breaststroke in Central's dual meet win against Urbana.

From Jones: "It was super fun. The environment was amazing and everyone had such a positive attitude. That really helped me because we all had great energy. It was really nice to win the 100 breaststroke because I've been working on breaststroke in practice, so that definitely helped my confidence."

I need concert tickets to ... Kyle. I just like his music and I've been to one of his concerts already, so I'd like to go back again.

One movie I could watch over and over again is ... "Safe Haven." I really like the actor, Josh Duhamel, that's in it.

If I could choose one superpower, I would choose ... to fly. I just like that would be cool and it'd be really easy to travel.

The social media I use the most is ... Snapchat. I just talk to a lot of my friends on there.

My biggest pet peeve is ... when people pop their gum. I have no idea why it bothers me, but I just don't like the sound.

My best swimming memory is ... usually every teammate I have I get really close with, and I love that feeling.

My most embarrassing swimming memory is ... I false started at a really big meet when I was around 10 years old.

Before a meet ... I listen to music. It's a really big variety.

After a meet ... Iusually eat pasta.

In five years, I see myself ... hopefully in college having some sort of idea what I want to do.

Honorable mention: Gracyn Allen, Heritage volleyball; Summer Cramer, Watseka golf; Libby Cultra, Urbana cross-country; Lauren Ellis, Danville tennis; Lauren Feddersen, Centennial swimming; Ella Godsell, Unity volleyball; Janie Gross, Schlarman volleyball; Brianna Hopper, St. Thomas More volleyball; Sabrina Martinez, Bismarck-Henning/Rossville-Alvin volleyball; Isabelle Shelmadine, Tuscola volleyball