Catching up with ... Scott Changnon

Catching up with ... Scott Changnon

The Changnon name is familiar around the Unit 4 School District. Longtime administrator and coach Marc Changnon may come to mind first, but this month Marc's son Scott is paving his own way.

Scott, a Central High School graduate who works for NBC Sports Chicago, got the call to go to South Korea to be a cameraman for NBC's Olympics coverage. He recently caught up with WDWS' Tim Ditman via FaceTime.

On getting the assignment...

"My boss applied for me without telling me that he did. I didn't really think more than five minutes about it. I said, 'Yeah, let's do it.'."

On trepidations about the trip...

"My biggest fear was not the politics of it all or even the travel. It was, can I do the job they want me to do?"

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