Molly Romine: In her words

Molly Romine: In her words

In her words

We asked girls' Athlete of the Year Molly Romine to describe what high school sports meant to her:

Being a high school athlete was probably one of the most important things I did in high school, besides earning my diploma. One of the main reasons I enjoyed being an athlete throughout middle school and high school was because it allowed me to play a variety of sports and build on my skills. This is especially true with softball and basketball because I started these sports at a younger age which gave me the opportunity to learn from a variety of coaches who taught me different techniques as I advanced to higher levels.

Getting to play with my friends was probably another one of the best things about my high school athletic career. Every day after school you knew you would get to be with your friends who played, whether it was practicing or playing a game or you would see your friends who didn't play cheering you on at games. Also, coming to school the next day after winning a big game always had a great effect on me because hearing everyone talk about the game was always a great feeling that helped my teammates and I feel like our hard work was paying off.

Being a high school athlete also put me in the position of being a role model for the younger kids in the community. Oftentimes coaches would ask us (high school athletes) to talk to the younger athletes about the importance of grades, hard work and sticking with sports through high school.

Learning to maintain a positive attitude and patience was also an important part of my career. One big example of this was tearing my ACL in my first basketball game of my junior year. Having to wait six months to play again was one of the hardest things for me to do.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Romine was a three-sport All-Area first-team selection as a senior and, in basketball, set a school record for three-pointers in a season (42) and was the most valuable player. She was a two-time Tuscola most valuable player in volleyball. In softball, she batted .519 and was sixth in the area in hitting this spring, earning team MVP honors. She was also on the Illinois Softball Coaches Association all-state second team.