Stringfellow-Ford uses size, speed for Danville

Stringfellow-Ford uses size, speed for Danville

By: Dave Fultz

By: Dave Fultz

By: Dave Fultz

By: Dave Fultz

DANVILLE – Cameron Stringfellow-Ford is a sophomore, but he is already a big part of the development of Danville's varsity football program.

Fans should take notice that this team is built for the long haul, and players like Stringfellow-Ford are the future of a program that has a strong tradition.

"He's a good, solid young kid," Danville coach B.J. Luke said. "He runs really well for his size, and that allows us to do all kinds of things with him in the offense."

Stringfellow-Ford has contributed to the Vikings' effort in every phase of the game. A good mixture of size, speed and field awareness has made Stringfellow-Ford a valuable asset no matter where he plays.

"We play him all over the field," Luke said. "He can play wide receiver and tight end on offense because of his speed, and then move over and play defensive end or linebacker on defense because of his size."

The biggest contributions that Stringfellow-Ford has made this season have come when the team needs him most: in the red zone.

The receiver is third on the team in receptions (nine) and third in receiving yardage (164), but he has the most touchdowns (four) of any Danville receiver.

"He doesn't have too many catches," Luke said. "But when he does get the ball he scores because I think that the defense isn't ready for him to carry the ball."

Stringfellow-Ford uses a good sense of field awareness to be in the right place at the right time and fool opposing defenses.

"Usually by the time Cameron gets his hands on the ball and the defense realizes it, he's already past them," Luke said.

It also doesn't hurt to have a receiver like Mikel Brigham – 6-foot-5 and 185 pounds – on the other side of the field to distract defenders and open up the field. Stringfellow-Ford uses the talent around him to his advantage and tries to help his teammates any way he can.

"We have a lot of talented receivers," Luke said, "so Cameron does a lot of blocking and things for the team. That's just a tribute to the depth and talent that we have at wide receiver.

"We are expecting big things out of our young kids," Luke said. "We already start six sophomores on the offensive side of the ball, and he is one who leads the way for us every Friday."

The Vikings hope they have saved their best for last.

Danville (3-3) will play its homecoming game today against Decatur MacArthur (1-5), the last home game of the season.

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