Urbana wants football trophy all to itself

Urbana wants football trophy all to itself

One school is trying to clinch a Twin City football championship. The other is playing its first game in the annual intracity series.

Friday's happy winner will either have a Twin City title in its possession or will be in position to secure one. Urbana's Tigers — who had both of their Champaign rivals on the turf at McKinley Field this season — are a win away from ending their local drought. Centennial's Chargers hope to spoil the Tigers' homecoming and Hall of Fame event and stay in contention for local supremacy while setting up a Week 8 showdown against Unit 4 rival Central.

"Our approach will remain the same, but to pretend it doesn't mean something more is kind of naive," Urbana coach Nathan Watson said. "We have team goals, the Big 12, the playoffs, but we say it starts in our backyard."

Local supremacy is something Urbana has experienced all to itself once in the past 18 years, which would cover the lifetime of the current squad members.

Homecoming can serve as a distraction.

"This year I'm not as worried as in the past," Watson said. "Our seniors have kept the younger guys focused and talked about not getting caught up in the hoopla."

The team's attitude has helped, Watson said.

"I am having a lot of fun being around these kids," Watson said. "The entire team wants to be good, they want to be coached, they want to get better. The focus is on football and having fun, and it is awesome."

Twin City’s finest
A school with one outright Twin City championship in football during the past 18 years (Urbana) has the chance to wrap up sole possession of the 2012 trophy in Friday’s 7 p.m. game against Centennial at McKinley Field. Recent titlists:
2011    Central    Ira Jefferson
2010    Centennial    Mike McDonnell
2009    Centennial    Mike McDonnell
2008    Central    Dave Jacobs
2007    Central    Dave Jacobs
2006    Centennial    Mike McDonnell
2005    Centennial    Mike McDonnell
2004    Urbana    Steve Waller
2003    Centennial    Mike McDonnell
2002    Centennial    Mike McDonnell
2001    Centennial    Mike McDonnell
2000    Centennial    Mike McDonnell
            Central         Jeff Trigger
            Urbana         Alec Anderson
1999    Central         Jeff Trigger
1998    Centennial    Mike McDonnell
1997    Centennial    Mike McDonnell
1996    Central    Jeff Trigger
1995    Centennial    Craig Bundy
            Central    Jeff Trigger
            Urbana    Mason Minnes
1994    Centennial    Craig Bundy
            Central    Jeff Trigger
            Urbana    Wayne Mammen
1993    Urbana    Wayne Mammen
1992    Urbana    Wayne Mammen
1991    Urbana    Wayne Mammen
1990    Urbana    Wayne Mammen
1989    Centennial    Gary Hembrough
1988    Central    Rich Wooley
1987    Central    Rich Wooley
1986    Central    Rich Wooley
1985    Urbana    Hal Wertich
1984    Centennial    Gary Hembrough

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