Blocked FG does in Eagles

Blocked FG does in Eagles

RANTOUL — The Eagles caught a tough break on a blocked field goal at Bill Walsh Field, losing to Eureka 15-13 on Friday night.

The Hornets (1-1) rushed for 300 yards and two touchdowns — Lane Henkins and Dan Johnson scored — as they topped a scrappy Rantoul team.

With 1:35 left in the fourth quarter, Rantoul kicker Juan Valdovinos lined up for a 27-yard field goal attempt. Eureka’s 6-foot-3 Geoffrey Miller exploded across the line and blocked the attempt.

“I knew if we didn’t get that block, we wouldn’t win this game,” Miller said. “I did everything I could to get my guy out of the way so my linebacker could get the ball. All that adrenaline kicked in, so I went for it.”

Teammate Jake Miller then secured the game-winning first down.

Rantoul forced two turnovers.

The Eagles got two touchdown runs from Tim Morgan (3 and 5 yards).

Johnson tackled Morgan on a two-point conversion and Rantoul’s Javen Cobb after a 20-yard run that saved a touchdown late in the fourth.

Bob Bajek

Corn Belt


Mahomet-Seymour 1 0 2 0

Normal U-High 1 0 2 0

Pontiac 1 0 2 0

Eureka 1 0 1 1

Bloomington CC 0 1 0 2

Olympia 0 1 0 2

Prairie Central 0 1 0 2

Rantoul 0 1 0 2


Bloomington CC at Prairie Central

Mahomet-Seymour at Eureka

Olympia at Normal U-High

Rantoul at Pontiac