Scouting reports: Class 1A & Class 2A finals

Scouting reports: Class 1A & Class 2A finals

Class 1A: Tuscola (13-0) vs. Lena-Winslow (13-0)

Kickoff: 10 a.m.

Admission: $10 for entire day

Viewing information: NBC Sports Chicago (TV), (online), NBC Sports App (mobile)

Broadcast team: Lee Hall, Jack McInerney and Camron Smith

Warriors to watch: Sr. WR/DB Dalton Hoel (45 receptions, 1,010 yards, 17 TDs; 24 carries, 136 yards, 5 TDs; 48 tackles, 2 tackles for loss, 5 INTs); Jr. QB/LB Luke Sluder (117 of 200, 2,051 passing yards, 23 TDs, 9 INTs; 162 carries, 914 rushing rush yards, 15 TDs); Sr. RB/LB Andrew Erickson (102 carries, 734 rushing yards, 21 TDs; 94 tackles, 5 tackles for loss); Sr. OL/DL Kevin Miller (70 tackles, 16 tackles for loss); Sr. RB/DB Noah Pierce (79 carries, 512 rushing yards, 11 TDs; 30 receptions, 464 yards, 2 TDs; 63 tackles, 2 tackles for loss, 3 INTs)

Panthers to watch: Sr. RB/DB Rahveon Valentine (199 carries, 2,025 rushing yards, 25 TDs; 4 receptions, 138 yards, 2 TDs); So. RB/LB Sean Ormiston (123 carries, 961 rushing yards, 16 TDs; 60 tackles, 5 tackles for loss); Sr. RB/LB Gaige Schwartz (53 carries, 721 rushing yards, 13 TDs); Jr. TE/DE/PK Parker Magee (70 tackles, 14 tackles for loss)

What Tuscola is saying: "The closest thing we've seen to what Lena is going to try to do is Athens last week in the semifinal. They come out of the double-wing set. ... The different styles of football from that corner of the state versus where we're at is pretty contrasting. Likewise, I'm sure they've seen some teams that want to spread it out. I don't know if they maybe have seen a team that has the balance that we have." — coach Andy Romine

What Lena-Winslow is saying: "We're not going to have any success if we (throw frequently). We have to be a ball-control, able-to-run-the-football team in order to have success. Obviously, Tuscola poses some huge problems within that. I guess that's our job to try and figure out not only how we can run the football, but also mix in play-action pass as well." — coach Ric Arand

Class 2A: GCMS (13-0) vs. Maroa-Forsyth (12-1)

Kickoff: 1 p.m.

Admission: $10 for entire day

Viewing information: NBC Sports Chicago (TV), (online), NBC Sports App (mobile)

Broadcast team: Lee Hall, Jack McInerney and Camron Smith

Falcons to watch: Sr. RB/LB Mitch McNutt (160 carries, 1,550 rushing yards, 30 TDs); Jr. QB/DB Nathan Garard (46 of 69, 903 passing yards, 14 TDs, 3 INTs; 33 carries, 246 rushing yards, 5 TDs); Jr. RB/LB Jared Trantina (119 carries, 828 rushing yards, 15 TDs; 56 tackles); Jr. WR/DB Ryland Holt (16 receptions, 413 yards, 10 TDs); Jr. RB/LB Austin Spiller (41 tackles, 2 INTs)

Trojans to watch: So. QB/DB Ian Benner (137 of 205 passing, 2,082 yards, 23 TDs, 6 INTs; 125 carries, 901 rushing yards, 9 TDs); Sr. RB/LB Deondre Gregory (158 carries, 1,630 rushing yards, 29 TDs); Sr. WR/DB Kameron Boline (33 receptions, 561 yards, 7 TDs); Sr. WR/LB Tanner Falk (74 tackles, seven tackles for loss, 1 INT); Sr. OL/LB Andrew Inda (50 tackles, 1 tackle for loss, 1 sack, 1 INT)

What Gibson-City-Melvin-Sibley is saying: "Definitely the best team we've seen on film. Their speed, their weapons, they're more dimensional than any team we've seen as far as the offensive side. ... And then on the defensive side, they just swarm to the ball. Their a big team with a lot of speed, I know they're well-coached, they have the tradition." — coach Mike Allen

What Maroa-Forsyth is saying: "Our kids are here five days a week and 50 weeks a year. So it is a full-time job for some of them, for most of them. Because of that, we've been able to have a level of success we've been able to maintain rather than hoping a good class comes through every now and again. That's been huge for us." — coach Josh Jostes