Girls' All-State POY: Mount Carmel's Tyra Buss

Girls' All-State POY: Mount Carmel's Tyra Buss

MOUNT CARMEL — Tyra Buss’ averages are mind-boggling: 45.8 and 38.0.

There’s another average which delights her as much as the state single-season scoring record and her all-time IHSA career scoring mark.

It’s 5.0.

On a grander scale, that number represents perfection. It’s her cumulative grade-point average, not just in high school for the upcoming valedictorian, but also since she started receiving grades.

“School is just as important as basketball,” said Buss, the fourth two-time News-Gazette All-State Player of the year in girls’ basketball. “I make time to study for my tests. I always wanted to keep it going. I never wanted a ‘B’ on my report card.

“It has taken a lot of work, especially in the harder classes. My mom (Kelly) has done a good job of helping me with time management.”

Buss doesn’t just give lip service to making school work a priority. When a reporter recently asked to interview her, she requested it be delayed for a day. She had a paper to finish.

“Tyra has been able to balance her high regard for academics with her athletic accomplishments,” her father, Tim Buss, said, “because she is as competitive in the classroom as she is on the basketball or tennis court or track. She hates to lose in anything and looks at her academics as a year-long athletic event.”


Think about scoring 4,897 points in a four-year high school basketball career. To reach that total, based on a 30-game season, would require an average of 40.8 points per game starting with the player’s freshman season. It is a feat that won’t soon be duplicated.

Former Sullivan High School athlete and coach Amanda Glazebrook was in the broadcast booth for one of Buss’ postseason games in February. It was the first time she’d seen Buss play in person.

“She had 30-something by half and didn’t force one shot,” Glazebrook said. “I did not feel she was a ‘ball hog.’ I was impressed with her passing. I didn’t think she’d be that good of a passer.

“She made the players around her better. She was definitely impressive.”

As a senior, Buss’ state-record scoring total was 1,466 points. That came despite opposing teams knowing that the Indiana University recruit would be Mount Carmel’s go-to player on virtually every possession.

“She had to continuously transform her game each game, depending what gimmick defense they were playing against her,” Glazebrook said. “That is not easy to do. She definitely worked at her game to get to this level.”

Buss’ IHSA records broke marks established by Olney East Richland’s Brittany Johnson, who grew up 40 miles from Buss and graduated from high school in 2007.

“It’s hard to determine how long these records will stand or if they will ever be broken,” Mount Carmel coach Tim Willis said. “Certainly when Miss Johnson broke the career record, it probably seemed it would last a long time, yet it was broken in a relatively few years (seven). However, the distance Tyra put between herself and Miss Johnson probably ensures the record will last for some time. The 45.8 average for a season is hard to fathom, especially in light of how many games she played in only two or three quarters. Tyra’s high- point games came against stronger teams on our schedule.”


Glazebrook’s partner for the WDKR radio broadcast was Mount Zion’s Jeff Anderson. He, too, was aware of Buss’ reputation but had not seen her play in a game.

As he watched, Anderson said, “I was struck by the idea that a player that possessed so many tools was also so fundamentally sound. You see players come along that overwhelm opponents with their sheer athleticism, but it’s rare to see one show such a combination of quickness and athleticism combined with fundamental skill, shooting ability and basketball IQ.”

The Class 2A state runner-up in the state three-point shooting contest, Buss hit the IHSA’s second-most three-pointers in a season as a senior (137). She is third on the career IHSA list with 424 three-pointers.

“Tyra’s incredible shooting range opens up the floor for her to show her most impressive ability: to get to the lane area and draw contact,” Anderson said. “Tyra has the rare ability to maintain dribble control and balance while at full speed, with either hand.

“She forces refs to call fouls but then has the body control to get off an accurate shot. I don’t know if there is an IHSA record for ‘and-ones,’ but aside from all of her other records, she would surely hold that, too.”

When the next national high school record book is published, Buss will be listed second for career free throws made (1,185).

Anderson said Glazebrook’s reactions while watching the Mount Carmel ace stand out as much as seeing the 5-foot-7 guard play.

“It was pretty special to see a Hall of Fame guard shaking her head at some of Tyra’s moves,” Anderson said. “The points record won’t be broken in our lifetime. Possibly not ever.”


Buss is aware of her image, not the one for being virtually unstoppable on a basketball court, but the perception people get when they see her away from the gymnasium.

She recounted the story of a college coach who saw her in street clothes for the first time and was unaware of who she was.

“He walked in the gym and said, ‘This is a little Barbie Doll,’ ” Buss said. “People think that all the time. I take it as a compliment.”

Glazebrook understands why Buss is viewed in that manner.

“She has an athletic build and a girl-next-door smile,” Glazebrook said.

All that is required to realize that looks can be deceiving is seeing Buss in action.

“Step on the court, and she’s intense and focused,” Glazebrook said. “She wants to win. She is going to take it to you.”

Though she is the two-time recipient of the Chicago Tribune-sponsored Ms. Basketball award, veteran reporter Scott Mees, from the Southern Illinoisan, believes her image could have been a handicap.

“I think some of the high-major college coaches undervalued her because she is thin,” Mees said.

He expects she will explode at the collegiate level.

“There won’t be any more double- or triple-teams on her at the D-I level,” Mees said.

Buss’ other accolades include her selection as the state’s Gatorade Player of the Year.


Coaches tried to conjure up ways to contain Buss and hold her under her average. Even from the broadcast booth, Glazebrook’s mind was heading in that direction.

“The coach in me was thinking, ‘What would I have my team do?’ ” Glazebrook said. “It would take the entire team to do more than just one person hounding her. The pack-line defense that was similar to what Teutopolis did seems to be effective because it keeps her out of the paint, where she is very effective.

“What impressed me was her body control around the basket, especially with her frame. She is strong.”

Willis isn’t sure it’s possible to totally shut down Buss.

“To contain her, you first must have a deliberate offensive game plan, limiting the number of possessions in a game,” Willis said. “You must be able to score, to limit her ability to break you down in transitions. Tyra has such stamina that any team that wants to get in an up-tempo style of game plays directly into her strengths.

“Because she is so skilled at ball handling and scoring off the dribble, the best defense is picking her up around the volleyball line, always having a player stationed in the lane to assist, and then hope she is not hitting the three. She makes the game look effortless, whether playing on offense or defense. She is a very smooth player that has multiple gears and uses them throughout the game.”


Willis said Buss represents the traits expected of a player constantly in the spotlight.

“She understands that she is looked up to as a role model by the young girls in the community,” Willis said. “She takes time after every game, whether road or at home, to talk to, sign autographs or take pictures with the young girls who come to watch her play. Tyra is a first-class young lady.”

The soft-spoken demeanor that fans witness regularly is similar to what Kelly and Tim Buss see at home.

“What makes Mom and Dad most proud is the way she has handled all of her successes and how humble she is,” Tim Buss said. “She has stayed after many games to sign autographs and take pictures with kids.

“It was never more evident than when we lost to Princeton (Ind.) at the Toyota Teamwork Classic. There was a line 20-30 deep that either wanted her autograph or picture. She told me she was heartbroken after that tough, two-point loss, but she still found a way to put on a smile for those kids that had waited to get a picture taken with her. That’s who Tyra Buss is.”


In less than two months, Buss will have a moment she would have dreaded as a freshman. She will stand in front of her classmates, family, friends and others from Mount Carmel to deliver the valedictorian’s speech at the school’s commencement ceremony.

“As a freshman, I would have been nervous in front of people,” Buss said, “but over the years, I’ve gotten good at public speaking.”

Still, Dad believes she’d find it easier to play basketball in front of a capacity crowd.

“Tyra would be more nervous giving a valedictorian speech than playing in front of 5,000 people,” Tim Buss said. “She played one of her greatest basketball games in front of 4,000 people this year and scored (a school-record) 66 points that night.”

Tyra Buss comes from a family of educators. Mom and Dad are — or were — teachers (Tim Buss is now the Mount Carmel superintendent), and both of her brothers are teachers. It runs in the family.

Ask Tyra Buss what she sees for herself in five years, and she doesn’t pause before answering.

“Coaching and teaching,” she said.

Players of the Year
Year    Player    School
2014    Tyra Buss    Mount Carmel
2013    Tyra Buss    Mount Carmel
2012    Jewell Loyd    Niles West
2011    Morgan Tuck    Bolingbrook
2010    Tricia Liston    Fenwick
2009    Adrienne GodBold    Chicago Marshall
2008    Sarah Boothe    Gurnee Warren
2007    Brittany Johnson    Olney East Richland
2006    Brittany Johnson    Olney East Richland
2005    Lindsay Schrader    Bartlett
2004    Candace Parker    Naperville Central
2003    Candace Parker    Naperville Central
2002    Johanna Solverson    Lake Zurich
2001    Cappie Pondexter    Chicago Marshall
2000    Aminata Yanni    Harlem
1999    Molly McDowell    Nokomis
1998    Allison Curtin    Taylorville
1997    Amanda Levens    Belvidere
1996    Tauja Catchings    Stevenson
1995    Tamika Catchings    Stevenson
1994    Dominique Canty    Chicago Young
1993    Kim Williams    Chicago Marshall
1992    Kim Williams    Chicago Marshall
1991    Becky Clayton    Sullivan
1991    (tie) Megan Lucid    Mother McAuley
1990    E.C. Hill    Chicago Young
1989    Toni Foster    Chicago Marshall
1988    Yolanda Griffith    Chicago Carver
1987    Nancy Kenelly    Maine West
1986    Michele Savage    IHM
— Illinois recruits in bold

The book on Tyra Buss
Why she’s All-State Player of the Year: The state’s two-time Ms. Basketball winner rewrote the IHSA record book while playing for teams that had a combined 113-16 record. Among her marks were points in a season (1,466), points in a career (4,897), scoring average in a season (45.8), scoring average in a career (38.0), field goals made in a season (512), field goals made in a career (1,644) and free throws made in a career (1,185). The state’s Gatorade Player of the Year was also the Class 2A runner-up in the state three-point shooting contest.

Among her favorites: Driving, 2012 Mitsubishi Eclipse ... last text, to my boyfriend, Levi Laws ... Listening before a game, to whatever the team listens to, something upbeat ... Eating, after a game, at Taco Tierra in Mount Carmel ... Favorite professional team, Los Angeles Lakers ... Need tickets to, a Heat-Lakers game ... Pet peeve, when people think they can do something instead of working hard and putting in the effort

Tyra Buss, by the years
YEAR    FG-FGA    3P-3PA    FT-FTA    AST    REB    TP    AVG.
Freshman    323-657    96-259    283-342    109    113    1025    32.0
Sophomore    364-842    110-387    283-332    86    95    1121    35.0
Junior    445-867    81-269    314-404    109    115    1285    38.9
Senior    512-924    137-350    305-374    114    175    1466    45.8
Career    1644-3290    424-1265    1185-1452    418    498    4897    38.0

First Team
Tyra Buss    Mount Carmel    Sr.    5-7    G    Indiana recruit and a repeat selection as Player of the Year ranked 126th nationally by Blue Star among seniors; second on IHSA charts for season steals (215)
Kortney Dunbar    Edwardsville    Sr.    6-2    G    Tennessee recruit, ranked 74th by Blue Star among seniors; averaged 17.7 points per game and finished sixth in career scoring (1,205 points); played for teams that were 118-5
Olivia Elger    Peoria Richwoods    Jr.    5-7    G    Uncommitted, averaged 21.1 points, 5.0 rebounds and 3.8 assists per game for an 18-8 team; nailed 50 three-pointers for Mid-State 6 champions and shot 80.5 percent on free throws
Liza Fruendt    Batavia    Sr.    5-9    G    Missouri State recruit, averaged 24.7 points per game for a 21-10 team, including a school-record 51-point game; school’s season (776 points) and career scoring leader (1,921 points)
Kristen Gengenbacher    Quincy Notre Dame    Sr.    5-10    G    San Diego recruit (for volleyball), second-leading scorer (16.0 average) and assist leader (3.4 average) and top three-point shooter (35) for a 30-4 team that was third in Class 3A
Haley Gorecki    Palatine Fremd    Jr.    6-0    G    Uncommitted (but has an offer from UConn); averaged 22.6 points and 5.8 rebounds per game while earning Mid-Suburban West Player of the Year honors, 1,420 career points
Khaalia Hillsman    Chicago Young    Sr.    6-5    C    Texas A&M recruit, ranked 111th nationally by Blue Star among seniors; led 32-3 Class 4A state champions in scoring (13.2 average) and rebounding (14.3 average)
Jackie Kemph    Rolling Meadows    Sr.    5-6    G    Saint Louis recruit and a repeat selection, ranked 102nd nationally by Blue Star among seniors; averaged team-high 20.6 points and 8.1 assists for 39-5 Class 4A state runner-up
Jasmine Lumpkin    Joliet Catholic    Sr.    6-0    F    Michigan State recruit and a repeat selection, ranked 61st by Blue Star among seniors; top scorer (17.9 average) and rebounder (9.1 average) for 28-3 Class 3A second-place team
Tori McCoy    St. Thomas More    So.    6-4    F    Uncommitted, ranked second by Blue Star among sophomores; top scorer (18.6 average) and rebounder (9.7 average) for 33-2 team that won Class 2A state title
Ashton Millender    Marian Catholic    Jr.    5-10    G    DePaul recruit and a repeat selection, ranked 183rd by Blue Star among juniors; top scorer (16.3 average) and three-point shooter (67) for 28-5 Class 4A third-place team
Khadaizha Sanders    Bishop McNamara    Jr.    5-5    G    Uncommitted, ranked 190th nationally by Blue Star among juniors; averaged 22.8 points and had 118 assists for a 23-6 team; has 1,604 career points
Kateri Stone    Lombard Montini    Sr.    6-1    G    Colgate recruit, averaged team-high 11.6 points for 34-2 Class 3A state champions and set school record with 276 career three-pointers; scored 1,213 career points
Meghan Waldron    Wheaton Warrenville S.    Sr.    5-10    G    DePaul recruit, ranked 135th nationally by Blue Star among seniors; averaged 22.0 points and 9.0 rebounds per game; has school-record 1,948 career points
Celina VanHyfte    Annawan    Sr.    6-0    F/C    Southern Illinois recruit, top scorer (21.4) and rebounder (8.4) for 30-4 Class 1A state champions; daughter of former All-Stater Val Wanckett had more than 2,500 career points

Second Team
Ali Andrews    Huntley    So.    6-2    F    Uncommitted, scored single-season school-record 576 points (18.4) for a 27-4 team; ranks third at school in career scoring with 1,111 points; averaged 7.6 rebounds per game
Chrissy Baird    Wheaton North    Sr.    6-1    F    UCLA recruit, averaged 15.1 points and 9.7 rebounds per game; holds school’s career scoring (1,076 points) and rebounding (828) records
LaTondra Brooks    Oak Lawn    Sr.    5-6    G    Uncommitted, averaged 14.2 points per game for a 28-2 team and set school records for season assists (167) and season steals (200); school’s top career scorer (1,448 points)
Aysia Bugg    Bolingbrook    Sr.    5-9    G    Pittsburgh recruit, ranked 166th nationally by Blue Star among seniors; averaged 15.2 points, 3.2 rebounds and 3.1 assists per game for a 20-win team
Brittany Collins    Maine West    Sr.    6-1    F    St. Xavier recruit, averaged 22.5 points and 12.7 rebounds for a 17-13 team, setting school records with 660 points this season and 2,055 for her career
Devin Curry    Watseka    Sr.    5-6    G    Uncommitted, averaged 19.5 points and 5.2 assists for a 24-6 team, raising career school-record point total to 2,205; hit 65 three-pointers this season and 81.1 percent of free throws
Randa Harshbarger    St. Thomas More    Sr.    5-5    G    Southern Indiana recruit, set school record for season assists (168) and averaged 9.6 points and 4.8 assists for 33-2 Class 2A state champs; Sabers were 110-22 in her career
Kiara Lewis    Chicago Young    So.    5-8    G    Ranked 25th by Blue Star among sophomores; led 32-3 Class 4A state champions in assists (7.9 average) and was second in scoring (12.4) and fourth in rebounding (6.6)
McKena Miller    Carbondale    Sr.    5-11    G/F    Averaged 17.4 points and 7.3 rebounds for a 21-9 team; was a two-time South 7 Conference Player of the Year; hit 85.1 percent of free throws and had 1,541 career points
Teniya Page    Marian Catholic    Jr.    5-7    G    Uncommitted, ranked 20th nationally by Blue Star among juniors; No. 2 scorer (14.4 average) and assist leader (4.7) for a 28-5 third-place Class 4A team
Lauren Prochaska    River Forest Trinity    Sr.    5-8    G    DePaul recruit averaged 17.0 points, 4.0 assists and 4.0 rebounds per game, GCAC Red Player of Year set school records for career assists and steals
Sydney Smith    Vernon Hills    Sr.    5-10    G    Vermont recruit, averaged 20.6 points and 7.1 rebounds per game for a 25-6 team, setting school marks for career scoring (1,564 points) and rebounding (709)
Jenny Vliet    Rolling Meadows    Sr.    6-2    F    Saint Louis recruit, ranked 260th nationally by Blue Star among seniors; averaged 14.5 points and team-high 9.3 rebounds for 29-5 Class 4A state runner-up
Kendra Wilken    Breese Central    So.    6-2    F    Uncommitted, averaged team-high 17.1 points and 7.9 rebounds per game for a 31-1 Class 2A team; shot 65.7 percent from the field and 73.0 on free throws
Taylor Will    Prospect    Jr.    5-11    G    Uncommitted, averaged 19.9 points and 5.2 rebounds per game; scored school-record 579 points this season; third in school in career scoring (1,247 points)

Special Mention 50
NAME    SCHOOL    YR.    HT.    P.
Sam Andrews    Huntley    Sr.    6-0    F
Morgan Atherton    Century    Sr.    5-10    C
Matti Bielfeldt    Peoria Notre Dame    Sr.    6-0    F
Jensen Blassage    Rockford Boylan    Sr.    5-7    G
Taylor Brame    Chicago Young    Sr.    5-11    F
Martha Burse    Bradley-Bourbonnais    Sr.    5-7    G
Tiana Cook    Decatur Eisenhower    Sr.    5-9    G
Aaliyah Covington    Edwardsville    Sr.    5-11    F
Carlie Cuffle    Riverton    Sr.    5-11    F
Morgan Dahlstrom    Grayslake Central    Sr.    6-1    C
Cierra Davis    Annawan    Sr.    5-10    G
Ryan Dooley    Central A&M    So.    5-6    G
Rebekah Ehresman    El Paso/Gridley    Sr.    5-7    G
Nicole Ekhomu    Joliet Catholic    So.    5-9    G
Brenna Finck    Maroa-Forsyth    Jr.    5-4    G
Shay Fluker    Belleville West    Jr.    5-10    G
Alexis Glasgow    Rolling Meadows    Sr.    5-11    G
Kaydie Grooms    Marshall    Sr.    5-11    F
Jordi Harre    Nashville    Jr.    5-6    G
Madeline Hartke    Teutopolis    Sr.    5-9    F
Mary Beth Hugenberg    Quincy Notre Dame    Sr.    5-11    F
Alyssa Jurges    Providence Catholic    Jr.    5-8    G
Kelly Karlis    Lombard Montini    Sr.    6-2    G
Jaelyn Keene    Jacksonville    Sr.    6-2    C
Deanna Kuzmanic    Wheeling    Jr.    5-9    G
Sam Lambrigtsen    Oregon    Sr.    5-5    G
Jess Learned    Washington    Jr.    5-11    F
Kristina Lee    Judah Christian    Sr.    5-10    F
Ellie Lehne    Byron    Jr.    6-2    F
Lexis Macomber    Lanark Eastland    Jr.    6-0    C
Molly McGraw    Bloomington CC    Sr.    5-8    F
Samantha Pryor    Burlington Central    So.    6-0    F
Corrie Reiley    Prophetstown    Jr.    5-2    G
Ali Ringering    Red Bud    Sr.    5-8    G
Tia Robertson    Normal West    Sr.    5-9    F
Julia Rosen    Springfield    Sr.    5-9    G
Gabrielle Rush    Hinsdale Central    Jr.    5-10    G
Codee Schlipf    El Paso/Gridley    Sr.    5-10    F
Ashley Schneider    Nokomis    Jr.    5-10    F
Sidney Smith    Carterville    Sr.    5-8    G
Kayla Steward    Rockford Boylan    Jr.    5-7    G/F
Chante Stonewall    Normal U-High    So.    6-1    G/F
Riley Strandgard    Sherrard    Sr.    5-10    F
Cierra Thompson    Teutopolis    Sr.    5-6    G
Maddie Timmerman    Breese Central    Sr.    5-10    F
Haley Toohill    Clinton    Sr.    5-4    G
Hannah Wallace    Brimfield    Sr.    5-10    C
Lexi Wallen    St. Thomas More    Jr.    6-0    F
Anika Webster    Springfield    Sr.    5-11    F
Kendra Wilken    Breese Central    So.    6-2    F/C

Honorable Mention 100
NAME    SCHOOL    YR.    HT.    P.
Emma Baalman    Hardin-Calhoun    So.    6-1    F
Grace Baalman    Hardin-Calhoun    Fr.    6-2    C
Katie Barker    Cary-Grove    Jr.    5-10    G/F
Gracie Bastert    Illini West    Sr.    5-6    G
Sierra Bell    Schlarman    So.    5-7    G
Jennifer Berg    Midwest Central    Sr.    5-10    F
Imani Berry    Belleville West    Jr.    5-0    G
Abby Brockmeyer    Litchfield    Fr.    6-1    C
Maranda Chance    Vienna    Sr.    5-7    G
Cloe Churchill    Canton    So.    5-9    G
Lauren Claus    Riverdale    Sr.    5-4    G
Sabrina Clay    Galesburg    Sr.    5-9    G
Jaycee Cleaver    Dakota    Jr.    5-8    G
Rachel Colbert    Erie    So.    5-10    F
Hailey Cook    Moline    Jr.    5-10    F
Sarah Costello    Downers Grove N.    Sr.    5-9    G
Haley Darnell    Goreville    Sr.    5-6    G
Kendra Davis    Waterloo Gibault    Sr.    5-9    F
Nichole Davidson    St. Charles North    Jr.    5-11    G/F
Molly DeBrock    Geneseo    Sr.    5-9    G
Jamie DeFauw    Geneseo    Sr.    6-0    C
Taylor Edwards    Arcola    Jr.    5-7    F
Ashley Ferrell    Harrisburg    Sr.    5-9    G
Josie Finch    Illini West    Sr.    5-7    G
Megan Foes    Annawan    Sr.    5-8    G
Molly Franson    Tinley Park Andrew    Sr.    6-2    F
Paige Gallimore    Antioch    Sr.    5-6    G
Kylie Giebelausen    East Peoria    Sr.    6-1    C
Bailey Gilbert    Sycamore    Jr.    5-7    G
Shami Goodman    Morgan Park    Sr.    5-7    G
Madison Greeling    Piasa Southwestern    So.    5-6    G
Morgan Griffith    Frankfort    Fr.    5-9    G
Michaela Gronewold    Illini West    Jr.    5-8    G
Emily Halliday    Coal City    Sr.    5-7    G
McKaila Hays    Elgin Westminster    Sr.    5-8    G
Morgan Heckman    Riverton    Jr.    5-10    F
Emily Hoard    Massac County    Jr.    5-9    G
Carlee Hoover    Rock Island    Sr.    5-7    G
Marsha Howard    Crete-Monee    Jr.    6-0    F
Mercedes Jackson    Rock Island    Jr.    5-10    F
Madelyne Johnson    DeKalb    Jr.    6-2    F
Tori Johnson    Herrin    Sr.    5-7    G
Taylor Jordan    Central A&M    Jr.    5-7    G
Maggie Juhlin    Chatham Glenwood    Jr.    5-8    G
Kaylie Kanzler    Grant    Sr.    5-8    G
Kylee Knox    Elgin Harvest Christian    Jr.    5-6    G
Toree Kohrmann    Breese Central    Sr.    5-6    G
Karley Kolberg    Rockton Hononegah    Sr.    5-10    C
Clare Kramer    Prophetstown    Jr.    5-8    F
Olivia LaPorta    Highland    Sr.    6-0    F
Abby Lashmett    Winchester West C.    Jr.    5-9    F
Niki Lazar    Neuqua Valley    Sr.    5-7    G
Dani Lee    Pearl City    Jr.    6-0    G/F
Grace Loberg    Geneva    Fr.    6-2    F/C
Rory Manion    Elmhurst IC    Sr.    5-11    F/C
Vanessa Markert    Brown County    Jr.    6-2    F
Clarisa Martinez    Plano    Sr.    6-2    C
Hannah McGlone    Streamwood    Sr.    6-0    C
Casey McMahon    Stagg    Sr.    5-8    G
Sydney Mericle    Riverdale    Sr.    5-6    G
Maddie Merritt    Tri-Valley    Jr.    6-0    C
Sara Mickow    Crystal Lake South    Sr.    5-10    C
Montira Mosby    Belleville East    Sr.    5-11    G
Elizabeth Nye    Mother McAuley    Sr.    5-6    G
Jade Owens    Fenwick    Sr.    5-8    G
Kristen Parsons    Wethersfield    Sr.    5-4    G
Venita Parsons    Oswego East    Sr.    5-4    G
Brittney Patrick    DeKalb    So.    5-2    G
Daniella Pavlovich    Putnam County    Sr.    5-5    G
Madisyn Paxson    Stark County    Sr.    6-0    F
Allison Prestegaard    Ashton Franklin Center    Jr.    6-3    C
Jeslyn Roat    Springfield Lutheran    Sr.    5-10    C
Jasmine Ross    Springfield Lanphier    Sr.    5-10    C
Sara Ross    Lombard Montini    Sr.    5-11    F
Haley Ruestman    Fieldcrest    Sr.    5-7    G
Chandler Ryan    Morton    So.    5-6    G
Sidney Santos    Geneva    Sr.    6-1    G
Riley Scharf    Litchfield    Jr.    5-11    F
Maggie Schmidt    Mahomet-Seymour    Sr.    5-10    G
Kayla Sharples    Naperville North    Jr.    5-11    F
Malia Smith    Neuqua Valley    Sr.    5-8    G
Najee Smith    Neuqua Valley    Sr.    5-10    G/F
Kortney Stanfield    North Clay    Sr.    5-7    G
Madison Steinkamp    Camp Point Central    Sr.    6-0    F
Addison Stoller    Cissna Park    So.    5-10    G
Faith Suggs    Homewood-Flossmoor    Jr.    6-0    G
Megan Sullivan    Christian Liberty    Sr.    5-5    G
Brittney Thibeaux    Grayslake North    Sr.    6-0    F
Dana Turner    Walther Christian    Sr.    5-7    G
Maddie Versluys    Elgin Westminster    So.    5-9    F
Grace Vitek    Elmhurst IC    Sr.    5-11    G
Tayler Walker    United Township    Jr.    5-7    G
Lauren Webb    Vernon Hills    Sr.    6-0    G
Caitlyn Welch    Reed-Custer    Sr.    5-8    F
Rachel Williams    Carrollton    Jr.    5-11    F
Tayana Wilson    Rich Central    So.    5-6    G
Ashante Witter    Serena    Sr.    5-9    G
Demi Witter    Serena    Sr.    5-10    F
Whitney Woodis    Herrin    Sr.    5-11    F
Josie Zerrusen    Effingham    Sr.    5-8    G