Girls' Swimming and Diving Coach of the Year: Centennial's Courtney Lehmann

Girls' Swimming and Diving Coach of the Year: Centennial's Courtney Lehmann

Why she's Coach of the Year: In her first season in charge at Centennial, Lehmann pushed a shorthanded squad to its third consecutive sectional crown. The Chargers qualified for state in a relay and six individual events, with the top finish coming from senior Lizzie Rumsey in diving (sixth place).

Season highlights: "Winning the sectional. It was exciting and shocking simply because we had less than 10 girls on the team. I think me, as well as my swimmers the entire season, I don't even think we thought it would be possible. But because there was such a strong bond between the swimmers, we all just came together and we pulled it out."

A few of my favorites: Favorite food: tacos. Probably a grilled chicken taco from El Toro. ... First car: it was a Volvo. I can't remember the year of it. It was old and just awful. ... Favorite non-sports hobby: listening to music. Otherwise I would say running in marathons, but that's essentially a sport, too. ... Favorite restaurant: El Toro. ... Dream vacation destination: Greece. I've just seen pictures of Santorini and Mykonos and the white buildings and the water, and I just want to go there. It's so pretty. ... Favorite sports event attended live: a Chicago Bulls game two years ago. I had never been to an NBA game. It was fun to be there in that moment. ... Favorite college/pro sports teams: I'm not a huge follower. If I had to choose, the Cubs. ... Favorite band/musician: Beyonce.

Three things on my bucket list: Skydiving, go to Greece and run the Boston Marathon.

Why I love coaching: "I love the camaraderie I have with the girls on the team. That special bond between coach and athlete, it's often hard to get to that place where you are a coach but also someone they look up to and can call a friend."