Boys' Tennis Coach of Year: Scott Davis

Boys' Tennis Coach of Year: Scott Davis

Why he’s Coach of the Year: The veteran leader of the Maroons led Central to its fifth consecutive sectional championship this season and also saw the Maroons claim top honors at the Big 12 meet.  

Season highlight: “I know exactly what it was. It was the second day of the Big 12 tournament. Normally doubles is done first, but it was rained out, so going into that day, we were a point or two behind Centennial. They were seeded No. 1 at two of the three doubles spots. It looked like it was going to be a tough road to be able to win the conference meet, but as it turned out, all three Central doubles teams made it to the finals, and we played all three Centennial teams. Then it came down to who was going to win those. We were fortunate enough to sweep the doubles that day and win the Big 12. We were a little down and not favored, but winning all three was great.”

A few of my favorites: Last text sent to my girlfriend ... Favorite food is sausage thick-crust pizza from Papa Del’s ... First job was as a day-camp counselor at Indian Acres ... Role model is my father, Dick Davis ... Sport I’d like to master is golf. I’ve tried it, but I haven’t mastered it yet ... I’m driving a Chrysler 300M ... Favorite book is “Catch 22,” by Joseph Heller ... Favorite restaurant is Farren’s ... Favorite entertainer is Renee Fleming ... Favorite athlete is Roger Federer

Three things on my bucket list: I’d love to go to a Grand Slam tennis match, I want to go back to New Orleans and taste some of their good food and I want to go to Europe.

If I weren’t coaching, I’d be ... teaching history.

About Coach Davis: “He’s just so laid-back. When you’re on court, a lot of coaches will say, ‘You have to do this, this and this.’ He just gives you really calm advice. A lot of coaches can make you more nervous and feel like, ‘Oh, my gosh. I have to do all that to win this?’ He just wants you to remember that you’re great at this and you’re fine. We have a lot of respect for him because he’s such a nice guy and has always been there to help us out.” — Central senior Austin Aten