Mother's Day memories from area coaches

Mother's Day memories from area coaches

They don’t need a day as a reminder that they are mothers.

But a day is set aside annually to thank them for their kindness and compassion, their caring and nurturing, their unseen and thankless duties.

We asked several area high school coaches, who have pulled double duty as mothers, for their favorite memories of Mother’s Day.

Here’s what they had to say:

Gail Biggerstaff,
Salt Fork girls’ track and field coach:

“My favorite gifts have been handmade and breakfasts in bed. The best was back in 1998 when Danielle was in first grade. I could hear her rummaging in the kitchen creating the best cold cereal and juice ever. As she entered our bedroom, she tripped, with food flying everywhere. She didn’t want to wake me and whispered, ‘Shoot.’ She did make it again, but I ate it at the kitchen table.”

Cindy Fitzgerald,
Argenta-Oreana girls’ track and field coach:

“I think that it was around 2006. I actually thought that it was going to be a bummer for Mother’s Day. My daughters Emily and Haley were playing club volleyball on Mother’s Day in Normal. Obviously not what I really wanted, but it actually turned out to be a great day. They let mothers in for free, treated us with free food and flowers during the day. To top it off, my daughters’ team won the tournament. Can’t ask for much more than that.”

Laura Koterba-Buss,
Centennial girls’ track coach:

“My favorite Mother’s Day memory was in 1986. It was a very special day because it was my first Mother’s Day as a mom. Being a new mom and having recently experienced the miracle of a new life was definitely special. To make the day even more memorable we had a family Mother’s Day with my mom and my maternal grandmother. I still love the four-generation photo from that day.”

Abby McDonald,
St. Joseph-Ogden volleyball coach

“My favorite Mother’s Day memory is when I got to celebrate as a mom for the first time in 2009. Hadley was just a little over a month old, and I was feeling so honored to be her mom. To be able to celebrate our miracle with my family and my mom made it very special. It was a day that I could reflect on how truly blessed we were.”

Susan Kentner,
Bismarck-Henning girls’ track and field coach:

“My son Alex was born the day after Mother’s Day in 1990, and my grandson, Jackson, was born two days before Mother’s Day in 2009. We will celebrate their birthdays this coming week along with Mother’s Day.”

Sheri McCain,
Sullivan girls’ basketball coach:

“My favorite Mother’s Day memory was in 2012. It was my first year as a new mom. I thought it would be a wonderful idea to make a precious flower pot with Emma’s tiny handprints. What I failed to realize is that everything goes straight to a baby’s mouth, including paint. Although it was a very messy project and a struggle to keep paint out of her mouth, the flower pot turned out adorable. It was at that moment I realized that being a mom could get messy at times, but seeing the smile on my daughter’s face as she played with the paint made it a very memorable Mother’s Day.”

Bonnie Moxley,
Mahomet-Seymour girls’ track and field coach

“This year will be my favorite Mother’s Day as my mom (Wanda Byers) is battling cancer, and every day that she is with us is a gift. And, of course, I loved all the times that my kids attempted breakfast in bed for me on Mother’s Day. That always brings a smile to my face.”

Missy Tingley,
Shiloh girls’ track and field coach

“I don’t know that I have a favorite Mother’s Day memory. I have been truly blessed with two amazing children that make being a mom more special than I could have ever imagined. They are my world and make every day special. My husband is pretty special, too.”

Val Cornwell,
Arthur-Lovington volleyball coach

“To preface, I am not into flowers, jewelry and candy. Flowers die, so they are a waste of money. I can’t wear jewelry because of my job, and I don’t need candy. Last year we (our three sons and Dale) all decided to meet at the Mattoon theater for a movie and a meal to celebrate Mother’s Day. Justin was living in Charleston, and when he met me he presented me with a bouquet of flowers, saying ‘Happy Mother’s Day.’ I was astonished at his thoughtfulness. Upon seeing this, Dale starts saying ‘Not that kind of flowers.’ He had meant annuals to plant in my barrels. So then Justin was stating he didn’t explain it well enough. I really laughed. I don’t remember the movie, but I remember the wrong flowers!”