N-G 2018 Wrestling Coach of the Year | Monticello's Andy Moore

N-G 2018 Wrestling Coach of the Year | Monticello's Andy Moore

Why he's Coach of the Year: The 2017-18 campaign was a banner one. First, Moore set Monticello's all-time grappling coach wins mark with his 157th in January. Then, he led the Sages to their first team regional title since 2013 before helping sophomores Ethan O'Linc and Henry Dawson to individual state berths.

Season highlights: "At a personal level, obviously taking over the top position at Monticello as winningest wrestling coach. That, to me, is a pretty big deal. I guess it's just a stepping stone of where I want to be in the longevity in my career. Another one would be the regional championship, on a team that had a significant amount of younger wrestlers on it. We came up a little bit short conference-wise, but to be able to pull that out for regionals and win a regional in the fashion that we did, to take a convincing lead at regionals, was great. Third, having kids that are in the right mindset to compete for our top-10 leaderboard for wins or takedowns. To have kids achieve the mindset in the room, getting kids to compete for their own achievements, I feel really good as a coach whenever they get that and do well. To get that effort from them is very rewarding."

A few of my favorites: My favorite food is pizza. I can eat pizza any meal, any time of the day and just be in heaven. ... My first car was a 1978 F150 jacked up with big tires on it. It was a big redneck machine. ... My favorite non-sports hobby is probably fishing. In addition to that, taking my daughter fishing and seeing the excitement from her. ... My dream vacation destination is Alaska. It's always been my life dream to live in Alaska. ... My favorite sporting event I've attended live is college wrestling nationals. For the last 12 years, I've missed two or three within that time. ... My favorite professional/college sports team is the Pittsburgh Steelers. It probably had a lot to do with my older brother. I'm not sure where he got it from. ... My favorite musicians are Hank Williams Jr. and Chris Stapleton.

Two items on my bucket list: Visit Alaska and deep-sea fishing for sharks.

What I enjoy most about coaching: "I love competition. Life's about competition. Everything and anything you do in life is going to have some aspect of competition. I really enjoy and embrace the competition to rise to the occasion and overcome the nerves associated with it and the complacency of being gifted certain talents. When you can get that point across to the wrestlers and get them to understand that it's not what happened in middle school, last year or even last week, it's big. Every minute you go out there you can change the whole scenario of the match in just a few seconds, if you're competing."