Illinois jumps into polls

CHAMPAIGN - Ron Turner has had Illinois in his Top 25 all season. On Sunday, the rest of the voters agreed with him.

After Saturday's 34-10 win against No. 25 Louisville, Turner's team jumped into both polls. The Illini are No. 22 in The Associated Press rankings and No. 23 according to ESPN/USA Today. Turner is a voting member of the latter.

Davis plays UI leading man

CHAMPAIGN - Carey Davis knows his place.

He´s a blocker. He opens the holes, and others run through them.

Opportunity banging on Illinois´ door

Antoineo Harris studies his Big Ten football like he runs up the middle.

With passion.

UI women step to fore

SAVOY - A crutches-bound Breanna Wabick is missing from the lineup. An ailing Amber Hunt was all but missing in action. A disappointed Cecelia (Williams) Dietzen was missing her A game.

If ever the Illinois women´s cross-country team needed some unexpected help, Saturday was it.

Penn State makes life tough on road

Coach Don Hardin said Illinois´ first Big Ten road trip was full of bumps, but he expects a smoother journey now that Ohio State and Penn State are in the rearview mirror.

"We´re not overly concerned. (The team´s) concerned about it, but we´ll rebound," Hardin said after the Illini lost 30-22, 30-21, 30-21 against the Nittany Lions on Saturday in State College, Pa.

UI glad to fight the good fight

CHAMPAIGN - Kurt Kittner heard the whistle blow. So did his teammates. And most of the Louisville players did, too.

We might never know what Cardinals defensive end Michael Josiah was thinking.

Illini forward enjoys life in slow lane

   There are about 375,000 people in Oakland, Calif., where Blandon Ferguson grew up.

   In Twin Falls, Idaho, where he spent the last two years playing junior college basketball, there are about 27,000 people, or about 9,000 fewer than are enrolled at the UI.

Illinois v. Louisville - Game 3 statistics

Louisville 10

Illinois 34

Illinois victory a complete team effort

No Illini had more than seven tackles Saturday. Kurt Kittner completed fewer than half his passes (18 of 39). And the big catches were made by receivers other than Brandon Lloyd.

The 34-10 defeat of 25th-ranked Louisville was the product of a focused (there´s that word again) performance by dozens of UI stars.

Morton calls his shot

CHAMPAIGN - Christian Morton said it last week. He said it again Saturday afternoon: He planned to intercept a pass and score a touchdown.

Does he have any guesses for the Lotto numbers?