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Here in San Diego, the media workroom and interview areas are in a parking lot, under a tent with soft walls. It's comfortable in the daytime if a bit chilly at night. And it's certainly unique.

Remember when ...

CBS is televising the tournament for the 25th consecutive year. Staff writer Tony Bleill takes a look at the top 25 moments in the network's coverage of the tournament:

Tate: Don't count out underdogs

SAN DIEGO – Some basketball teams are wildly undisciplined, run and shoot with abandon and live for the dunk and blocked shot.

Not Air Force. This is a different breed. These athletes chose the academy as a career. They took an oath. If they want to become a pilot, they're obligated to a six-year commitment.

When Brown and Augustine talk, Illini had better listen

SAN DIEGO – He remembers that there was a huge dome and a little opponent with big dreams. He remembers surviving a near upset.

But there's a lot James Augustine doesn't remember about his first NCAA tournament game.

Bleill: Root for Army, but LSU will win it

The accompanying bracket shows I'm picking LSU to win the women's NCAA tournament. But that's not my rooting interest.

I'll be cheering for Army.

Illini Insider

A weekly review and preview of Illini sports:

Tour guide

Who better to give us a read on San Diego than former Mahomet-Seymour star and Illini guard Brett Melton, who works for Bruner and Associates, one of the leading commercial real estate investing companies in the city. Melton, who finished his college basketball career at San Diego, wants everyone to know he'll be wearing Illinois orange to the NCAA tournament games:

Fours who got floored

Since 1985, No.13 seeds have 17 wins against 4th-seeded teams in the first round of the NCAA tournament. A look at how 13 has proved unlucky for some favorites:

Mory, Illini fall off pace

HENDERSON, Nev. – Illinois sophomore Stephanie Mory carded a second-round 78 (149 total) and dropped into a tie for 21st Tuesday at the UNLV Spring Invitational.

Region rundown

Brett Dawson, who covers college basketball for The News-Gazette, analyzes the Washington, D.C., Regional: