Williams rushes past Missouri rival

   ST. LOUIS  Illinois'' banged-up star outplayed Missouri''s foul-tainted one.

   Frank Williams, battling injuries to his left hand, right hand and who knows what else, scored a game-high 22 points in the Illini''s victory against Missouri on Saturday, while counterpart Kareem Rush faded into the background.

Grentz sold on doubleheaders to recruit fans

   ST. LOUIS  Fans who paid close attention saw an especially vocal and demonstrative Theresa Grentz along the sideline Saturday in the Illini''s victory against Missouri.

   Turns out there was a reason. Saturday''s game was especially meaningful.

Illini ready, willing, able

CHAMPAIGN – Ron Turner has had a month to tinker with the game plan but don''t expect Illinois to look much different when it takes the field against LSU at the Sugar Bowl.

"Other than running the option with (Kurt) Kittner, we''re not making wholesale changes," the Illinois coach said. "He''s pretty good at it."

When it''s late, Williams is at his very best


   Our Missouri neighbors wasted their best open-field tackle on Chief Illiniwek at halftime  what next?  and had nothing left when Frank Williams swivel-hipped through his customary stretch run.

Illini earn straight A''s

   ST. LOUIS  A few weeks ago, Theresa Grentz joked that the grade Illinois'' women''s basketball team receives in her unofficial Basketball 101 class depends on what the Illini get her for Christmas.

   How about a thorough, unabashed lashing of rival Missouri?

Braggin´ Rights affair won´t roam to dome

   ST. LOUIS  This is the final year of a contract between Illinois and Missouri and the Savvis Center, and though there have been overtures from the Dome of the Americas, don''t expect the series to move anytime soon.

   Braggin'' Rights is the kind of game that likely could sell thousands more tickets, and the possibility of moving the series to the dome has been discussed.

UI Women''s Game 10 Box Score

Illinois 74, Tigers 53

Illinois shows a tougher side against Missouri

   ST. LOUIS  Twinkling lights? Snowy rooftops? Bright-colored packages?

   Bah, humbug.

UI Men''s Basketball Game 12 Box Score

Illinois 72, Missouri 61

High emotions, close cals make border series special

   No one appreciated the Illinois-Missouri Braggin'' Rights game more than Steve Bardo.

   After growing up in southern Illinois, the former Illini guard said the Border War game was even bigger for him than Indiana or Iowa. And he made his four appearances in the series count.