Illinois Football 2000: Practice Report

Tube time

   Illinois coach Ron Turner planned to get home Thursday night in plenty of time to see his favorite program: college football.

   He had a particular interest in the 9 p.m. game on ESPN2. Illinois'' next opponent, San Diego State, hosted Arizona State.

Kicking a perfect Fitts

CHAMPAIGN – Steve Fitts never gave himself the chance to think about failure. He doesn't work like that.

Never mind that just two players in the last 50 years of Illinois football managed the double he is about to try.

Fully programmed

CHAMPAIGN – Ask what the three Rs stand for and most folks will say reading, writing and 'rithmetic.

Ask Illinois volleyball fans the same question, and they might say retention, revival and recruiting.

Illinois Football 2000: Practice Report

Piling on

   The top two Illinois tacklers from a year ago are gone. Danny Clark is playing in the NFL, and Eric Guenther is working in the athletic department while waiting for the XFL to start.

Tate: Echols has immediate decisions

Echols has immediate decisions

Can you imagine a scenario whereby the father, with whom Najeeb Echols resides, would be required to move outside Chicago's city limits to make Echols eligible to play basketball at a Catholic school in the city?

Ex-Illini finds work

Former Illinois defensive tackle Garrett Johnson, who was released Sunday by New England, will work with the Patriots on their practice squad.

A few minutes with...

A few minutes with ...

   Middle Tennessee coach Andy McCollum

UI duo ousted from U. S. Open

   Cary Franklin and Oliver Greydon''s stay at the U.S. Open was a short one.

Fair to middlin'

MURFREESBORO, Tenn. – The new weight room would make Arnold Schwarzenegger proud.

The new press box is better than the one at Illinois. Much better.

Illinois Football 2000: Practice Report

Just the articles

   We weren''t allowed to look at it, but Loren Tate told us Illinois is ranked 16th according to Playboy.

   Though it''s just late August, the October issue arrived in the mail Tuesday. Illini offensive lineman Marques Sullivan made the preseason All-America team.