Not that he needs it, but Weber is facing a whole new level of intensity

CHAMPAIGN – In case he needed it, Bruce Weber got a crash course in the importance of the Braggin'' Rights game.

He heard about what beating Missouri meant to Illini fans. He was told that when asked, he should make it clear he understood the magnitude of the rivalry.

UI Women''s Basketball Game 9 Box Score

Illini 89, Hornets 70


We asked our Web site readers what they thought of Bruce Weber''s comments last weekend about Bill Self''s ''funeral.'' Some responses:


This week''s topic: Should the University of Illinois renovate the Assembly Hall or build a new basketball arena?

Nobody has a better rivalry game than Illinois-Missouri

There are rivalries, and then there''s Braggin'' Rights. - - It''s different from the rest. It''s better.

You know it. Missouri fans know it. You''d better believe the Illini and Tigers know it.

Our all-time Illini team - open to debate, of course

No matter what he says on "Monday Night Football," folks around here know Simeon Rice starred at Illinois long before he became the "Sackmasta" in Tampa Bay.

Earlier this week, Rice was voted to the Pro Bowl for the second straight year and will make his third trip to Hawaii for the game. The folks at the Honolulu airport might want to hand his teammates a thesaurus instead of a lei.

Tate: Character helps Turner stay positive

OK, so football is your hobby, and you suffered during the Illini''s 1-11 football season.

Imagine if it was your job, your livelihood! You''re trying to maintain your senses during 18-hour workdays, searching for the right buttons with a worried staff, and striving to keep 100 disappointed athletes from blowing apart.

A blessing in disguise

CHAMPAIGN – It wasn''t the first time Erika Lowery called her husband in tears. Chris Lowery had come to be prepared to hear his wife at the other end of the phone, crying about their son, Kahari.

But this call was different.

Bright future ahead - Ex-Illini Curtin knows what she wants to do in life

So much water has rushed under the bridge, you could fill a small ocean or two.

Since Allison Curtin''s acrimonious and much-discussed departure from the Illinois women''s basketball team, her 23-year-old life has taken a dizzying set of twists and turns.

Illinois Mens Basketball Statistics

6 - 2 record