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As Big Ten race heats up, Illinois tries to find itself

EVANSTON – Bruce Wayne''s got nothing on Bruce Weber.

He''s Batman? Big deal.

Yanni puts on a happy face

MADISON, Wis. – She was wearing her Illinois warm-up gear, taking three-pointers and laughing with her teammates. The only noticeable flaw to Aminata Yanni''s pregame fun was the limp that caused her senior season to be cut short.

A day after she traveled to Indianapolis to have the torn anterior cruciate ligament in her right knee examined, Yanni was with her teammates at Wisconsin for their 66-57 loss Tuesday night. She even took an active role during the game, sitting on the bench and shouting encouragement to the Illini.

Illinois tripped on road

MADISON, Wis. – This was supposed to be the springboard. The game that would prime Illinois for its two biggest tests of the Big Ten season on its biggest road trip of the year.

It wasn''t supposed to go like it did.

Tiley''s lllini edge Baylor as nation''s No. 1 team

The loss of Amer Delic and Rajeev Ram didn''t stop the Intercollegiate Tennis Association from ranking the Illinois men''s tennis team No. 1 in the preseason.

The Illini, currently touring head coach Craig Tiley''s home country of South Africa, got the nod ahead of Baylor – 1,780-1,777. Illinois grabbed 19 first-place votes compared to Baylor''s 13.

Illinois women''s basketball box score

Wisconsin 66, Illinois 57

Coaches go round, round on schedule

When 11 basketball teams play a 16-game conference schedule, there always are disadvantages for some and advantages for others.

But to play four more games, and retain the Big Ten tournament, league action would have to start awfully early ... before Christmas, in fact.

UI faces a known demon

You''re afraid of heights? Head for the top of the Hancock Building. Got a fear of flying? Hop on a plane.

If it''s true that facing your fear is the best way to conquer it, Bruce Weber is in luck.


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