Allerton's Paradises

This book showcases two extraordinary estates: Allerton Park and Retreat Center near the town of Monticello, Illinois, and Lawai-Kai (also called Allerton Garden) on the southern end of the island of Kauai. Both were homes to the quiet philanthropist, Robert Allerton (1873-1964).


His Illinois home, Allerton Park and Retreat Center, was his first palette where he learned to mingle art and landscape architecture. His second home in Kauai allowed him to work with more sculpture and add exotic plants.


The properties were ultimately bequeathed to the University of Illinois and the National Tropical Botanical Gardens, which opened the door to their glorious vistas to everyone. This coffee-table style book is filled with over one hundred beautiful glossy color photographs of both properties that will take your breath away.

Allerton's Paradises
Price: $39.95


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