Champaign County The Early Years: A Pictorial History From the 1800s Through the 1930s

See the history of Champaign County through pictures. The history of Champaign County, which was established in 1833, closely parallels the invention of photography. Thus there’s a fairly complete record of many of its people and places. That’s why we’re lucky to have images of the old Doane House, the first railroad station in Champaign; the old Walker Opera House in downtown Champaign; and a class photo of the old Harshbarger School in southwest corner of the county.

There are many other wonderful photographs in this book that offers insights into a time when pavement meant brick, when firetrucks were pulled by horses, when a river near Homer was a vacation spot and when government social services were represented by a “poor farm” where the residents worked.

We hope you enjoy all of them.

Champaign County The Early Years
Price: $39.95


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