My Voice - Essays on the Warm and Funny Moments of Life

My Voice - Essays on the Warm and Funny Moments of Life

Family. Friends. Loved ones. Memories. Moments. My Voice is a collection of essays that focus on my life as a wife and mom, teacher, daughter, granddaughter, sister, cousin, aunt, friend and colleague. These essays, first published in The News-Gazette in Champaign, Illinois, are comprised of childhood memories, as well as everyday humorous moments and holiday traditions as seen through my eyes and spoken in my voice.

Herein are stories about my brother Mickey's paper route, my mom's wedding gown, my dad's whistle and his “Mick's Sticks,” my sister’s pilgrim outfit and our annual childhood Christmas play. Also included here are my husband Mike's and my funny holiday stories, our day-to-day snafus and the lessons that our dog, Dudley, always seems to be teaching us. One of life's most rewarding roles for me has been as mother to our wonderful son, Matt. I've become not only the teacher but also the student in this once-in-a-lifetime relationship. Parenting is both exhilarating and humbling, and hopefully I've touched on such emotions in these pages and added a laugh or two as well.

Celebrating holidays, particularly Christmas, has always been a significant part of our family life, and the stories surrounding Christmas through the years are also reflected in these pages.

My Voice will introduce readers to a warm, wonderful family and the funny situations that are a part of life. Hopefully those of you picking up this book will see your own lives reflected here, and you will share a smile with your loved ones.

My Voice
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