'A Saucer Coming to Rest' -A Half Century of the Assembly Hall

'A Saucer Coming to Rest'
A Half Century of the Assembly Hall

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Fred Kroner reconstructs the history of the Assembly Hall, which generated controversy from its very inception – both from those who thought the funds should be dedicated to academic endeavors, to those who thought the building’s unique design was doomed to collapse. 

When Assembly Hall opened in March, 1963, it featured the largest unsupported dome in the world. Kroner’s research reveals some interesting facts about the construction of this engineering marvel. 
The real heart of this book, however, recalls the events that have taken place inside the hall over the last 50 years: theatre, musicals, ice skating shows, political speeches, conventions, graduations, and yes, of course, the sporting events.
This book features dozens of photos reproduced from the archives of The News-Gazette and the Assembly Hall. You will find photos from historically significant performances, both on stage and on the court. Also included are photos of people who worked there and photos of the community at large as they celebrated great moments in their personal history, whether it was winning a state wrestling match, or graduating from high school. 
Assembly Hall
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