Are We There Yet?

Are We There Yet?

Are We There Yet? | Among the Elm Boulevard treetops, a star is born

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Scott Pickard has always been a climber — and a bit of an adventurer.

Nancy Drew never gets old

My daughter and I closed down the library one recent Friday night.

We know how to party.

Actually, a certain slim, attractive amateur sleuth, known to zip around River Heights in her blue roadster, is to blame.

We had run into my good friend Jodi Heckel, whose daughter couldn’t wait to share her latest literary love: Nancy Drew.

What's your favorite children's book?

This is a companion post to the Nancy Drew column in Tuesday's (Feb. 4) News-Gazette.

As fun as they are, Nancy Drew’s adventures don’t necessarily stack up as great literature.

The breezeway makeover: Our new mud room!

By now you’re probably all tired of hearing about this supposed breezeway project, but it's finally finished. And it’s fabulous.

There are plenty of photos below, but first a quick review:

A series of unfortunate project events

Repeat after me: School projects are fun. School projects are educational. School projects can be great family experiences if your parents are organized, proficient with a sewing machine and technically savvy.

I think you can see where this is going.

Help during tough times - what we all need this holiday

Our children are pros at Christmas lists.

No answers

As Friday's terrible news unfolded in Connecticut, I tried like the rest of the world to make some sense of it. And I failed.

Yes, I thought, as each person conveyed their horror, sadness, and desire to hold their children and wrap them in a bubble.

Yes, I thought, as people railed against those who believe any form of gun restrictions are unconstitutional.

No holiday charm in shopping online

I’ve never been a big Black Friday shopper.

How kids - and parents - make choices in the snack aisle

It was one of those “I knew that!” parenting moments.

I had hauled my 3-year-old in for a doctor’s visit that was likely to end with some needle unpleasantness, so I’d brought along lots of distractions in my diaper suitcase: books, sippy cup, toys, and what I considered healthy snacks.

Kids and cellphones - our brave new digital world

We started having The Conversation in third grade.

Not where babies come from.


My son went on a field trip, and two of his friends brought cellphones along for the bus ride — which they used, amid much hysterical laughter, to leave unintelligible messages on our answering machine. Something about Frankenstein.