Christine des Garennes

Christine des Garennes

Water leak brought no permanent damage to UI building

URBANA — Nearly two months after several million gallons of water spilled into the basement of a building under construction on campus, preliminary findings point to no permanent damage to the building's foundation.

Wozniak case sent to UI trustees

URBANA — The dismissal case of a longtime engineering professor has been forwarded to University of Illinois trustees for a final decision, The News-Gazette has learned.

UI shaping curriculum to train digital sleuths

CHAMPAIGN — When a house is burglarized, a detective arrives on the scene to analyze footprints or blood splatters.

UI civic leadership program not accepting applicants

URBANA — The University of Illinois is no longer seeking applicants for its civic leadership program, despite protests from students to keep the program going.

Faculty panel: Professor shouldn't be fired

URBANA — A controversial University of Illinois professor might be seen by some as "self-righteous" and "insensitive," but he should not be fired from the university, concluded a faculty committee in a unanimous decision, The News-Gazette has learned.

Rose plan would bar students at for-profit schools from MAP grants

SPRINGFIELD - State Sen. Chapin Rose on Monday filed a bill that would prohibit the state from distributing money from its college assistance program to needy students planning to enroll at for-profit institutions such as DeVry University and Northwestern Business College.

TIAA-CREF to give $5 million to help create farmland-research center

URBANA — With a $5 million pledge from financial services company TIAA-CREF, the University of Illinois plans to establish a center for farmland research on campus.

Manufacturing lab could boost UI, state

CHICAGO — A public-private manufacturing laboratory that harnesses the University of Illinois' supercomputing power promises to boost manufacturing in the state and it could also better position the university and the state to compete for big federal grants in advanced manufacturing.

State board withdraws proposal on university civil service classification

URBANA — A state board has withdrawn a controversial proposal that would have stripped universities of their authority to exempt some employees from the civil service system.

UI research gets major boost with Grainger gift

CHAMPAIGN — Tiny, biocompatible electronics that can dissolve in water. Home appliances that can talk to the power grid. "Bio-bots" that hunt for tumors inside a body.

Breakthrough research in bioengineering and big data at the University of Illinois got a huge boost Monday with the announcement of a $100 million donation from the Grainger Foundation of Lake Forest.