Dan Stebbins

Dan Stebbins

Sandefur back on ballot in Cunningham Township, for now

URBANA — Laura Sandefur has spent this winter bouncing on and off the ballot for Cunningham Township assessor, but her name will appear on absentee ballots after an appellate judge this week stayed a lower court's decision to kick her off.

Judge backs electoral board's removal of Sandefur from ballot

URBANA — This spring's Cunningham Township assessor race is all but over after a judge on Monday sided with incumbent Dan Stebbins, who sought to have his only opponent removed from the ballot.

Stebbins, a Democrat, filed an objection in January to Laura Sandefur's candidacy on the grounds that she was a Democrat trying to run for assessor as an independent candidate.

Sandefur asking judge to put her back on ballot

URBANA — Laura Sandefur is asking a judge to get her name back on the ballot after a Cunningham Township electoral board said she was not eligible to run for assessor.

Panel to boot township candidate off spring ballot

URBANA — Laura Sandefur will be kicked off the ballot for Cunningham Township Assessor when an electoral board issues its findings in writing this afternoon, board members said during a meeting on Thursday.

Board delays decision on Cunningham ballot question

URBANA — An electoral board has delayed its decision on whether Laura Sandefur stays on the ballot for Cunningham Township Assessor while its members sort through the arguments presented during a Thursday hearing.

Township to hear challenge to Sandefur candidacy

URBANA — An electoral board could decide Thursday whether Laura Sandefur gets to stay on the April ballot for Cunningham Township assessor.

Last week, incumbent Democrat Dan Stebbins challenged Sandefur's candidacy. He said Sandefur should be disqualified because she is a Democrat who filed for candidacy as an independent.

Stebbins challenges Sandefur's petitions for assessor

URBANA — The incumbent Cunningham Township assessor is looking to have a challenger kicked off the ballot because he says she is deceiving voters by running as an independent candidate.