Some neat ideas for crochet baby blankets

It seems like many people I know are expecting babies soon, or expect to be expecting in the near future.

How I made a stovetop air freshener that smells like orange, rosemary and lavender

I know I can't be the only person who forgets a food item at the back of her fridge and then wonders what the heck that smell is.

This morning, I rediscovered such an item and Rob disposed of it in our outside trash can. But, it was too late. A terrible smell wafted through our kitchen. And because our house is small, I knew it wouldn't be long before the whole place stank.

How to make wooden, vertical shelf dividers for storing cookie sheets

A recent birthday gift of some wonderful, heavy-duty cookie sheets had Rob reconfiguring our vertical kitchen storage this week.

The breezeway makeover: Our new mud room!

By now you’re probably all tired of hearing about this supposed breezeway project, but it's finally finished. And it’s fabulous.

There are plenty of photos below, but first a quick review:

We now have a salvaged sink (complete with a bright blue base) in our basement

For a long time - several years, at least - we've had a huge, double-basin, cast-iron kitchen sink sitting in our garage. It was just waiting for the day that we'd get motivated enough to install it in our unfinished basement as a salvaged laundry sink.

How we installed a schoolhouse globe as a new light in our hallway

About a year ago, Rob and I redecorated our hallway, painting it white and adding a barn door.

Free crochet pattern: How I made a toy picnic basket

I crocheted a ton of Christmas presents this year, and I worked really hard to make sure these were neat, meaningful gifts, not just, "I crocheted you an impersonal scarf because I could."

I especially wanted to make something worth playing with for our niece, who will turn 2 in Feburary. I thought it would be fun to crochet her a picnic basket and some play food.

Rounding up some ideas for what to crochet next, including a broomstick lace cuff, a pixie hat and a textured pillow

After working on crochet Christmas presents from August until late November, I've taken a few weeks off from the hobby I discovered this year.

However, after all my gifts' recipients seemed to like the items I made, and after I received a couple of wonderful crochet books, I've found myself browsing Pinterest the last few evenings to look for more ideas.

How I made a faux button-down sweater vest for my dog

I made several crochet gifts for various people this Christmas, but I forgot to take photos of most of them before giving them away. Whoops.

DIY resolutions: how I did on my list this year, and what's coming next year

I've written before about how, as a house person, I tend to make a list at the beginning of each year with a list of house-related projects I'd like to tackle.

This year, Rob and I made some excellent progress on that list - perhaps more than ever before.