Don Gerard

Don Gerard

Champaign mayor says 'Unofficial' was relatively calm

CHAMPAIGN — One day after "Unofficial St. Patrick's Day" on the University of Illinois campus, Mayor Don Gerard said the infamous event this year was as benign as he could have hoped.

Gerard plans to issue emergency order for 'Unofficial'

CHAMPAIGN — Mayor and Liquor Commissioner Don Gerard said he plans on issuing an emergency order again for March 1 and 2 to moderate the flow of liquor on campus while University of Illinois students and their guests drink through the weekend.

The idea, he said, is to minimize house and apartment parties where there is the most potential for trouble.

Huth lawyer: Gerard threatened city prosecution

URBANA — A lawyer for Champaign Mayor Don Gerard's ex-girlfriend told a judge on Thursday that the mayor threatened to use taxpayer-funded resources to intimidate her following a break-up.

Laura Huth, a former Urbana City Council member and Gerard's ex-girlfriend, last year sought a stalking/no-contact order from the court, and attorneys for the two were in court on Thursday.

Prussing urges Champaign to give more to social service agencies

URBANA — Even during lean budget years, the city of Urbana has continued making payments out of city coffers to local nonprofits, and now Mayor Laurel Prussing is asking her counterparts in Champaign to do their share.

Kam's to shut down for three weeks after penalties from city

A popular University of Illinois campustown bar is closing its doors for three weeks after being penalized by the city of Champaign for allowing people who are underage to enter the business and for serving minors.

Champaign Mayor Don Gerard, who's also the city's Liquor Commissioner, said Kam's, located at 618 East Daniel Street, will shut down for three weeks starting on Friday.

Huth sues Gerard for $3,200

URBANA — The owner of a local consulting firm has filed suit against the mayor of Champaign seeking more than $3,000.

On Wednesday, Do Good Consulting, whose owner is former Urbana alderwoman Laura Huth, filed a small claims case in Champaign County Circuit Court alleging that Don Gerard breached a contract.

Ex-alderwoman Huth seeks order of protection against Gerard

CHAMPAIGN— A former Urbana alderwoman is asking the Champaign County Circuit Court for an order of protection against Champaign Mayor Don Gerard.

Gerard pick for housing authority board could sway Bristol Park decision

CHAMPAIGN — Mayor Don Gerard said he planned to finish interviews of three candidates for an appointment to the Housing Authority of Champaign County Board of Commissioners on Tuesday.

Governments, businesses will be winners with video gambling

It's a sure bet: There will be a lot of hands in the pot when the state's video-gambling winnings start rolling in.

The first machines are expected to light up this week, the result of a new state law legalizing video gambling and placing a 30 percent tax on the "net revenue" that businesses collect from the machines.

Gerard looks back on first year as Champaign mayor

With Mayor Don Gerard celebrating the one-year anniversary of his swearing-in today, The News-Gazette sat down with him Wednesday in the bleachers at his son's baseball game at McKinley Field to review his first year and what's left to come as he looks to the next three.