Electronic Arts

Electronic Arts

Battlefield 3's a great game, but not up to unrealistic expectations

It's not always a good thing when a game is highly anticipated, because invariably, it just can't live up to the unrealistic expectations of gamers and game journalists.

"Battlefield 3," the latest first-person shooter from Electronic Arts' acclaimed developer DICE, falls into this trap.

Alice's shattered Wonderland a frighteningly good place for an adventure

How is a raven like a writing desk?

I dunno. I doubt the Mad Hatter does anymore either, considering what a ruin Wonderland has become.

Oh, maybe you hadn't heard.

Fighting aliens has never looked as good as it does in "Crysis 2"

The battleground: New York.

Aliens have invaded, and most of the population is dead or dying, thanks to a plague sweeping the city.

You are a Marine called Alcatraz, a member of a squad sent covertly into Manhattan to make contact with an important scientist and evacuate him from the city.

Find out where you stand in the world of "Dragon Age 2"

The world of “Dragon Age 2” is a nice place to visit, but I certainly wouldn’t want to live there.

"Dead Space 2" a nightmare you want to have

It’s a pretty well-established fact that humans as a species have a few deeply ingrained phobias: darkness, solitude, death and vicious beasts, to name a few.

“Dead Space 2,” just like the original “Dead Space,” exploits those primal fears to great effect.

"Hot Pursuit" races into my heart

I've never been all that into driving games. Part of it has to do with my astounding ability to ram a virtual car into a virtual wall with astonishing regularity.

This 'Medal' shines, but not as brightly as it could

It was relatively early in the single-player campaign of "Medal of Honor" when the game and I suddenly "clicked."

I -- well, my character -- was hunkered down against a rock in the dust-swept misery that is the Shah-i-Kot Valley region of Afghanistan, doing my best not to get my rear shot off by Taliban militants hiding in the hills.