financial aid

financial aid

DACC hosts info event for financial aid

DANVILLE — Danville Area Community College is hosting a college financial aid event for families of students who will be attending college in 2012-2013.

University considering future of tuition, financial aid

URBANA — Future University of Illinois students can expect tuition rates to go up again next year, but the school is also considering discounts and potential increases in financial aid.

Trustees plan to adopt 2012-2013 tuition rates in January, and administrators reviewed the UI's financial position and tuition policy with a board committee on Monday.

With end of subsidy on Stafford loans, interest will accumulate right away

URBANA — You're contemplating graduate school at the University of Illinois, maybe an MBA, but the $20,000 annual tuition sends you into a bit of sticker shock.

Add in annual fees ($3,400), books ($2,400), and the estimated $12,000 to $15,000 in living costs — for two or more years — and you're talking big bucks.