Jan Seeley

Jan Seeley

Energizer Bonnie

Bonnie McElwee was running her second marathon, the now-defunct Freedom Marathon at Allerton Park.

Taking ownership

So what do you get when you buy a marathon?

“We bought a 6 x 10 trailer, 500 cones, and about 30 metal signs,” joked Mike Lindemann, one of the new owners of the Christie Clinic Illinois Marathon.

Marathon decision was protecting local interest, buyers say

CHAMPAIGN – Let this big event that's been nurtured in Champaign-Urbana be taken over by unknown owners in Texas?

Not when the welfare of more than 15,000 runners and a multimillion-dollar impact on Champaign County are at stake.

The Fit List

It’s the 25th anniversary of the Women’s Fitness 5K race this weekend.

The race began in 1986. It gets between 200 and 300 runners every year, and it has donated more than $20,000 to Crisis Nursery and the Center for Women in Transition in the last 15 years.

Go, girl! (Guys: cheer from the sidelines.)

This Saturday is the Women’s Fitness 5K race at Crystal Lake Park.

It’s a women-only race that’s been around for 25 years now.

For the first time ever, two men registered for the race this year.

Recycled running

The Illinois Marathon race officials had lots of leftover medals on their hands after the race.

The kids at Thomas Paine Elementary School in Urbana had just finished a marathon reading challenge, and then run a short race in celebration the day before the Illinois Marathon.

Now some of those leftover medals are hanging around the necks of the Thomas Paine students.

Marathon recap

With the 2010 Christie Clinic Illinois Marathon in the rearview mirror, co-directors of the race, Mike Lindemann and Jan Seeley, talk about some of the changes they made this year and how they worked. And they give us a preview of ideas they’re mulling for next year.

Marathon thanks

A Few Simple Words
By Mike Lindemann and Jan Seeley, Co-Directors of the Illinois Marathon

We have just a few words to say about the 2010 Christie Clinic Illinois Marathon: Thank You. Thank You. Thank You.

Alma Mater is ready for marathon weekend

Alma Mater is ready for her race.

Check out the iconic statue at Wright and Green, and you’ll see she’s wearing a bib number – No. 1867, appropriately, the year the University of Illinois was founded – and an orange and blue sweatband, in recognition of this weekend’s Illinois Marathon.

Links to marathon chat, story about need for marathon volunteers.

Here’s a link to The News-Gazette’s online chat with Jan Seeley, co-director of the Christie Clinic Illinois Marathon: bit.ly/dnqOsS